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richarddullum wrote:

> Luke,
> Part of the DNA results are in. The mitochondrial DNA been
> partially analyzed now and shows the SC did not have a human
> mother, as was previously thought.

Pye does not say that. What he says is this:

After repeated sequencing, some of those 17 differences could be confirmed as reading errors by the program, but it is virtually impossible that all of them would be errors.....
Remember that the information found by comparing mtDNA segments cannot and should not be considered thoroughly verified, as some sequencing errors are undoubtedly present. Each mtDNA segment must be sequenced several times to establish exactly how many differences exist between the Starchild Skull and the human CRS, and this kind of targeted testing, rather than shotgunning at random, is time-consuming and expensive.

He is focusing on 17 differences found. I didn't see where he states which NIH database he compares it with. In some of the papers I have read on genetic bone disorders and cancer, 30 or more nucleotide variations found between 16 patients were higher than healthy control groups. This was in one gene but 30 substitutions in MtDNA analysis were not considered significant. I am not sure how that translates to the small segment Pye is talking about though.

As you know my stance is that this skull is from someone who had some genetic disorder and you would expect to find more variations when compared to a database of healthy samples. The age of the skull also increases the likelihood of errors.


The mtDNA from it was
> compared to human mtDNA and you can see the result in this:
> <has[];

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