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During the light and sound show in the magnificent temple complex of Karnak, he heard a voice booming over the loudspeakers: “I am Amon-Ra...The waters of the Nile sprout from my sandals.” This immediately reminded him of the Vedic Creator God Vishnu.
In the typical depiction of Vishnu in Hindu iconography, the sacred river Ganges is always shown emerging from the toe of the Vishnu, while in Egypt, we find a very similar imagery associated with Amun.
In the Rig Veda the primordial man Purusha had his vast body pinned down by the gods, they cut him into many pieces
In Egyptian mythology Set hacked Osiris body into pieces and scattered them all over Egypt
Once the idols reached Luxor Temple, the coronation rites of the king were repeated in a sacred ritual, which effectively transferred the power of divine rulership from Amun to the pharaoh. The idols rested in Luxor for a period of time and subsequently came back to Karnak, in another procession along the river Nile.
And in india
after the procession reaches the Gundicha Temple, the idols rest there for a period of 7 days. After this they return back to the Temple of Jagannath
The similarities between these two ancient festivals are obvious and striking. There was no doubt in the mind of the researcher the Opet festival of Karnak is identical in form and spirit to the Rathayatra festival of Puri.
From Hamlets mill
The situation of the sources of the gangees in heaven identifies it with the mikyway it was the ganges that stood for the galaxy and its from Mahabharata and the puranas tell us how the link was conceived.
From the Egyptian pyramid text the water of the Nile where represented in the heavens by the Milky way, and from timothy Wallace book, rosslyn gaurdians of the grail, temples marching planets along the nile.
So If the gangees is identified with heaven, could there be lost temples along the gangees that represent chakra points, a map of our solar system and it represents the spine of a worshiped god,
As like in Egypt
The temple of God on Earth Egypt, itself was patterned on an eternal of the supreme achievement of nature namely Homo Sapiens. This geographical representation of the human archetype had a spine, a head in the north and a body in the south.
Egyptian chakra
From the book Rosslyn Guardian of the Holy Grail by Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins.
The Egyptian pyramid text. The water of the Nile where represented in the heavens by the Milky way The temple of God on Earth, Egypt itself was patterned on a eternal of the supreme achievement of nature namely Homo Sapiens. This geographical representation of the human archetype had a spine, a head in the north and a body in the south along the spine represented by the river Nile lay seven temples marking the great mystical centres which where the Earthly equivalent of the seven main chakras in the human body The rise of the flood, believed to start at elephantine, shows the first location of a charka point. The rise of the flood gives Osiris a yearly kundalini experience.
The idea that initiates would start their religious teaching in elephantine, then moving north each time to the next location, chakra point , temple. To receive the next level of their teachings in turn.
This is how the chakras align to the Egyptian temples
Root Elephantine
Scral Thebes
Solar plexus Abydos
Heart Hermopolis
Throat Memphis
Brow Heliopolis
Crown Behedet

Since the Pyramid complex at Giza has now been dated to around 10,500 BC (Hancock and Bauval), and since this magnificent pyramid complex is entirely devoid of any hieroglyphic engravings or inscriptions, which is very unlike the Egyptian pysche, it raises the question whether the Giza Pyramid complex was built by the ancient Egyptians or by others before them. Is it possible that was it built by a ‘race of giants’ who built similar megalithic structures around the world, including many of them in Mesoamerica?
mayan temples built to align to chakras
1. Uxmal : Base Chakra of a new cycle
2. Labna : Sacral Chakra, The union of the opposites
3. Kabah : Solar Plexus Chakra, The Power of will
4. Chichen Itza : Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love
5. Tulum : Throat Chakra, Speak of Truth and Manifestation.
6. Kohunlich : Third Eye Chakra, Pineal gland, Psychic abilities
7. Palenque : Crown Chakra, Integration, Preparation to the next world

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