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Hi Merrel

Well wouldn't you know it? Just after getting in and checking on the board
here I then went to one of my emails and found that John had actually
directly addressed your question. Again, I would encourage you to follow
up with him directly and if it is fine, to post whatever excerpts you consider
to be relevant to the board.

You can reply to Merrel as follows. I don't believe you understand the point I made about the nuclear bulge being a visually perceivable astronomical feature, in distinction to the abstract point that astronomers believe should be what the Maya were seeing. The question is: is there evidence that the Maya thought of the Galactic Center (the features wihtin the nuclear bulge) as a center and birthplace? The answer is yes, and I went into detail on the Critique Clearinghouse page that I updated this morning. So, I would urge that continuing critics read and comment on what I wrote, otherwise I'll just have to keep recapitulating what I have already said numerous times. And we could go back and forth forever; I don;t have the time and it's why I write the books. Best to read MC2012 as well as Galactic Alignment and The 2012 Story. In addition, the astronomers at astrocrud are singularly uniderinformed about Maya astronomy and how it works; like David Morrison at NASA, they are prejudicially oriented to debunking anything connected to 2012 and are unwilling or unable to assess my work rationally. I have a rather large file of exhanges with astronomers who take bad definitions of the galactic alignment and then torch it -- that's the straw man tactic of the devote debunker priest. I believe that many astronomers and Western scholar blindly react to such a discussion because they support the superiority complex of western science. Advanced astronomy among hte ancient Maya? It cannot be allowed. You'd think they'd like to expand their horizons and learn something about the Maya calendar and Maya astronomy as well as the evidence that the ancient Maya, for example at Tortuguero, were aware that on (December 21, 2012) the sun will be aligned with the Crossroads at the southern terminus of the dark rift, on the solstice. Instead, we go around and around on basement level nitpickery that has already been responded to dozens of times, in personal emails, other chat boards, in my books, interviews, and web pages. Let's look at the evidence for how the Maya tracked the sidereal year and precession accurately, and the new evidence form Tortuguero Monument 6 -- I provided a link to my SAA paper within the MEC-Facebook discussion on []. Best wishes,

John Major Jenkins
p.s. --- Hi Luke! Thanks for the supportive comments and the link to our interview.

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