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northstar2595 wrote:

> The limestone would be a better conductor of electricity than
> granite. The granite walls of the KC would act as the insulator
> and the limestone surrounding it would be one of the
> conductors. Now if you put another conductor up against the KC
> walls you would have a capacitor. Say you took something made
> of copper or gold in there, or maybe a statue covered in a
> layer of of it. When the statue was up against the granite wall
> for a while anybody touching it after that would probably get
> blasted like with the Ark of the Covenant.

Hello northstar,

This article might be relevant to thoughts of stone and electricity.

"Electric currents streaming out of stressed igneous rocks"
Friedemann T. Freund a,b,*, Akihiro Takeuchi b,c, Bobby W.S. Lau b



Here we describe a simple experiment that subjects igneous
rocks (granite, anorthosite, gabbro) to stress. By judiciously
connecting electrodes to the rocks we show that the
stressed rock volume turns into a battery: it generates,
which flow out without externally applied voltage. These
self-generated currents may hold the key to understand
how powerful electric currents can be generated deep in
the Earth prior to major earthquakes and what kind of signals
they send out.

I guess this would be one instance of "physical" scientific evidence.

This was demonstrated in a documentary I saw, where a small slab of granite was compressed mechanically. As a result of compression an electrical current was measured with attached electrodes. I would think the kings chamber has a tremendous amount of pressure bearing down on it, enough to generate a current ?

EMF meters are inexpensive handheld meters and I also wonder why no one has taken one or another type of meter into the pyramid. When I finally get there.........

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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