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In India the Vedic sages seem to have known and made use of magnetism. Hindu temples built in accordance with Vedic principles are placed where the earth's magnetic field densely passes through. I think that the ancient holy sites were used to induce altered states of consciousness in connection with religious practice.
When initiatory rites are conducted at the time of solar and lunar eclipses, and at the solstices and equinoxes, the blood of the participant is brought to greater levels of magnetic vitality than would be the case at any other time. The magnetisation of the bloodstream is intimately related to the awakening of the Buddhic principle or Christ Consciousness. With Him and In Him and Through Him we live and move and have our being."
Sacred sites as mounds, megalithic markers , the ancients may have discovered they could communicate with the Divine through the electromagnetic properties there...
Secrets of the lost races' by Rene Noorbergen he writes- Just after the turn of the century and inventor Alexander Siemens ventured to the top of a pyramid accompanied by an Arab guide. When they reached the top of the pyramid the guide noticed that if he raised his arm with fingers outstretched he could hear a ringing in his ears. Siemens copied what the guide had done but felt a distinct prickling in his fingers. He guessed there must be something electromagnetic causing this and quickly manufactured a leyden jar ( device for collecting electrical energy) by drenching a news paper he had brought with the contents of a bottle of wine and wrapping the soaked paper around the empty bottle. Holding this make shift laden jar over his head it became more increasingly charge to a point where sparks began to fly out of it. The guide ignorant to what Seines was doing accused Siemens of witchcraft and attempted to grab him. Siemens lowered the bottle towards the guide giving the Arab. The guide received such a shock from the sparking bottle that he was thrown from his feet. On recovering the guide left in a hurry. Siemens concluded that for some reason the pyramid was discharging a powerful flow of electromagnetic current, why he could not answer.
The Great Pyramids in Egypt
Photographed Energy Streams!
Could Moses have been trying to communicate with god on a mountain to try and copy Egyptian paths of enlightenment via E.M.P. in sarcophagus
Knowing how the ancient Egyptians liked meteorites, and used the magnetic side of these.
Could there be meteorites in a kind of mortar that makes the coffer.
As the pyramid collects electrical energy could there be a magnetic pole reversal in the chamber that moves the coffer.
In the book '
the crystal sun by Robert Temple. Mention of loadstones in the capstones of pyramids. From Robert Temple. The crystal sun
An ancient Greek word for thunder stones is baitylos (Latin baitylous is the Egyptian baa, baa en pet, is Egyptian for iron in the sky. In Egypt the tips of pyramids were flat and had tiny mini pyramids resting on top of them called pyramidions, which had load stones in them. In Chartes cathedral (France) there was a large magnetic load stone in the top of the steeple, here the author suggests we should investigate other medieval cathedrals to see if they have load stones in them as if they are carrying on some kind of tradition.
From the egyption book of the dead,
a reference that reminded me of somthing from grahams supernatural.
in supernatural we are told of how some shamen would go through a process before being gaining information. there spirit would travel and at a process at a levell would have their bones removed and stacked in a pile. this was mentioned as the same process as some alien abductees had to endure.
in the egyption book of the dead,
in the pyramid of pepi I. pepi has gatherd his bones and , he has gathered his flesh and has gone straight away into heaven.
could we gain information for the hermetica, is this a instruction manual of asension,?
Thoth/ hermes explains the way forward and the steps one must take to keep the soul pure so the soul may ascend to heaven.
also in janet bords book on faries, janet mentions sightings around stone circles. if these circles atract a energy that effect us, could the pyramids of been built help with his process?
Pyramid power
from a post by scot
Could it be, as many before me have theorised, that the Great Pyramid (and perhaps other pyramids) was constructed as a Shamanic initiation chamber, a chamber whose very design would aid the initiate's journey to the spirit world to commune with the Hawk-headed and Ibis-headed Gods who would impart their wisdom upon the initiate?

Could it be, as others have hypothesised, that the true origins of Ancient Egyptian religious tradition is rooted in a shamanist tradition? Could this be how the Priesthood of Heliopolis attained their knowledge?
ladder to the gods
from the book hollow earth, by david Standish,
in 1869 a cyrus teed was working in a electro-alchemical laboratory, the results were published in the illumination of koresh. He said he had transformed material substances he now intended to apply to the spirit, to make manifest his highest ideal of creative beuty.
Quote, I experienced a relaxation at the occiput or back of the brain and a peculiar buzzing tension at the forhead, a vibration so soft and dilciferous that I was impressed to lay myself upon the gently osculating ocean of magnetic and spiritual ecstasy.
It has been suggested that it was nothing more than a accidental near-electrocution from the electricity he was so fond of fiddling with. A zolt to the brain wich produced a vision.
Suffused by this ocean of electro-magnetic-spiritual energy he lies back on it as if on a mystical water bed. I felt I had departed from all material things. He hears a sweet soft murmmer as if from a thousand miles away. He tries to speak but its in a voice he has never heard before.
Fear not my son, he finds himself saying in a strange voice. Thou satifactory offspring of my proudest yearning! I have nutured thee through countless embodiements the voice continues its revelations taking him on a journey through his many past lives, good, bad, and horrible. The voice then tells him to look and “see me as I am, for though has desired it” offspring of osiris and isis

If you think I am good on a counterbalance, you need to see me on a reach!

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