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Hi Dean

The above is for those following along...

Edgar Cayce readings on Atlanteans who accessed Crystal technology for Life Regeneration.

We find these Megalithic constructions on Earth wave form hubs which interface with the Cosmos surrounding this Electric Earth/Universe.

The active 3rd Eye and teaching of accessing the Way of the One*.or Oneness*

The pattern is obvious...even if it seems incredulous to some.

We compare Our present Technology to the Ancient to determine Veracity.

Oh ya...we are Atomic,with Photonic Computers and Holograms and AI.

The Ancients were able to communicate on near Galaxy level and accross that Dimensional Curtain where Angel's and God's cross/exist.

So...who had the Superior tech?
Which was a Superior...Being?

Edgar Cayce in a reading said that the most Advanced Alien race in our Galaxy were from
The Star system Arcturus.
Which is only 36 Light years's just next door .

He also stated they were 5th Dimensional capable.

Cayce confirms the Earth has been visited by ET,...yet also maintains we as a species stepped thru Time to exist as Material Forms ...experience sentient life as a Animal/Hominid! : )

Megalithic stone constructions are highly electro magnetic field interface.
So we return to the need to Regeneration Life force and keep that Portal to the other Dimensional open!

Cayce says the Future man during the Earth Changes *...Will....return to the lost bridge ,
Yet will walk that as a New Man of Light*

Cayce Readings:

conducted people from Atlantis to Egypt previous to last destruction - worked with adorning buildings with gems and precious stones."(955-1; July 20, 1935)
"among those who came from Atlantis, (to Egypt), in command of the fleets or ships, explored along waterways." (797-1)
"among those who journeyed from Atlantean land to Egypt, entity young at time, aided in development of mechanical appliances for cutting stone, etc." (1177-1).
"came to Egypt from Pyrenees land, hence came with latter portion of those from Atlantean land." (1458-1)
"in Egyptian land when there was the entering of those that sought aid or refuge from turmoil arising in native land. The entity among those that came from Atlantean land and aided in replenishing and rebuilding of the temple service, for entity was of household that followed Law of One." (439-1; Nov. 13, 1933)
"in Atlantean land when divisions arose with destruction coming upon the land, chose to go with groups going to Egypt, what would be known as a chemist, aided in making lands of Nile more productive." (1842-1; March 14, 1939)


It makes sense...
The DNA and Migrations.
Mainstream science can't endure this : )

T Bird

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