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This site has this to say:

... Fig. 3 [] is a diagram embodying these assumptions; the vertical lines are proportional to the lengths stated on the ostrakon (all measurements are given in the convenient unit of the "finger"), and a curve has been drawn to touch the upper ends of these lines and to drop to the zero level on the right. It will be seen that the curve thus obtained gives a fairly good form, and is very similar to that of the ostrakon, except that it drops less sharply than does the latter between "41" and "0"; this difference however probably arises merely from the roughness of the drawing on the ostrakon. The curve does not appear to be part of an ellipse. ...

However I decided to analyze it and came up with this:

On the surface not too interesting until we take note of the fact like I have that 518 meters (length of enclosure + or - ) is equal to 989.12 cubits and that 989.12 divided into sq rt of 2 times 1000 = 1.43 and that 1034 / 723 is also equal to 1.43 reciprocal of 0.699

So we have this:

And a couple of other observations:

It might be a bit premature but this little piece of "pottery" could turn out to be much more important than ever realized.

Not so sure it is a segment of a circle. I have it part of perhaps the primal egg.

Click on thumbnail for larger version:

Appears to be part of an egg shape but I will be interested if anybody can make a circle fit.

It has been claimed that it is not an ellipse but a segment of a circle. I think I may have proven it is neither. Please see my diagrams below and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

It is I think part of the surface of an "egg'. The Primal Egg ? Well I won't even speculate on that.

Here are my diagrams.

This first diagram is a larger rendition of what is on the original.

See here for details: []

Next I expanded on it and tried to draw a circle to enclose the line. I failed to be able to do this but found that an egg shape or oval seemed to work perfectly. After drawing the the oval I measured it using pixels and discovered it measured almost exactly 0.7 to 1 or 1 to 1.42857142

Here is that diagram:

The segment shown or being used is 98/140 = 0.7 .

To prove my point I decided to draw one of these to scale and see how it looked. Here is the result:

It looks like a perfect fit to my diagram. If this is true and if this is some sort of blueprint as had been speculated then what we need to do now is try to find something in Egypt that may follow these ratios. I think I have found some but that will be posted below.

Here is the website where I got my sizes and I think I may have solved it.

And it is this article that calls it:


An article by Battiscombe Gunn

Published in Annales du Service des Antiquites de L'Egypte,

Volume 26, 1926, pages 197 - 202

Printed by the Institute of France, Oriental Archaeology,

Le Caire, France

Best fit for a circle:

The circle does not seem to fit close enough.

And now "The Cosmic Egg" as christened by Greg Reeder

and a close up of how close it is.

It would appear that a 1 by 1.3 unit rectangle is indeed the basis for this diagram. And since it was found at Saqqara I think we can assume that other than the arch the author suggests might have been why it was used there could be other things involved.

Don Barone

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." -- George Orwell... and remember what The Dormouse said: Feed Your Head

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