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If The Babylonians/ Sumerians could recognised planets 6,ooo BC, so why not the Egyptians? If they built pyramids to match stars. Why could they not have build temples to match planets?
A Jane B Seller, The death of the gods in Ancient Egypt.
‘It is certainly possible that specific members of a group where given the function to observe and remember the positions and the movements of the sun- moon planets and stars.’

It’s been said that the Egyptians didn't recognise planets but this link should help. Also considering ancients are said to of had no optical instruments. Robert Temple discusses this in his book crystal sun! and how that they may have had ancient lenses.

Stabo, wrote how the Egyptians excelled in the science of astronomy.
Planets are closer than the stars and some can be seen with the naked eye moving across the night sky.
Egyptian gods matching planets.

Bennu (Venus) Sebeg (Mercury) Heru Akhety (Mars) Heru-Ka-Pet (Saturn) Heru Tash-Tawy (Jupiter)

The notions of upper Egypt and lower Egypt relating to the geographical north and south of the early country mite also, at a different level, have been suggest earth and sky the two skies were considered as one being for the earth one for the duat, these plural skies were thought to be superimposed one above the other. Was not the life giving Nile itself reflected in the very heavens themselves in the form of the Milky way, ..Geb and Nut were pulled apart by the sky god Shu (this is probably were the idea came from that the image of the sky was imprinted on the Egypt! The image of heaven.)
A Sir E.A. Wallace Budge.
Egyptians from the earliest times depicted, to themselves, a material heaven (the Duat) on the banks of the heavenly Nile. The ancient Egyptians built a heaven on Earth .According to the ideas presented in Egyptian code book ancient astronomer priests following the cosmic order. Various monuments and religious centres were built along the shores of the Nile. This should be found in the choice locations and orientations of ancient temples
In Ancient Egyptian temples were aligned so precisely with astronomical events that people could set their political, economic and religious calendars by them, so finds a study of 650 temples, some dating back to 3000 BC.. Hieroglyphs on temple walls have hinted at the use of astronomy in temple architecture.
The magnificent temple complex of Luxor, whose construction started at c.1400 BC (during the reign of Amenhotep III) after the beginning of the New Kingdom, incorporated advanced Vedic knowledge. The Egyptologist R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz had conducted as 15 year on-site study of the Luxor Temple complex in 1952 and had concluded that the “the various sections of the human body had been incorporated into the proportions of the temple. He found that specific locations within the temple correspond to the seven Hindu Chakras (energy centers) in the human body.
a john anthony west auther of serpent in the sky said was aked did the aincent egyptians know of chakras.Not formally, but there’s a lot of evidence that says they had that knowledge but expressed it differently (e.g., diadem worn by the pharaoh with serpent at the “third eye”, cobra façade in Sakkara (riaen kundalini) and much else besides.
From the book Rosslyn Guardian of the Holy Grail by Tim Wallace-Murphy and Mailyn Hopkins.
From the Egyptian pyramid text the water of the Nile where represented in the heavens by the Milky way. Did the ancient Egyptians use the Nile as a pathway of initiation? A Peter Dawkins describes how the two kingdoms of Egypt where held to be a living temple spirit of God where man could play his ritual part and reunite his spirit with the divine as the result of alchemical process. The temple of God on Earth Egypt, itself was patterned on an eternal of the supreme achievement of nature namely Homo Sapiens. This geographical representation of the human archetype had a spine, a head in the north and a body in the south.
Along the spine, represented by the river Nile, lay seven temples marking the great mystical centres which where the Earthly equivalent of the seven main chakras in the human body.
Seven comes up again for Tutankhamon's mummy- the mask of gold (head), next 3 mummy shaped coffins, and 4 shrines, that all supposedly fitted, like a Russian doll that adds up to 7 layers.....
The temple image of the goddess Isis was clothed in veils and it was forbidden for any neophyte to lift these. The seven veils of Isis were protected by seven magical seals. At each stage, a magical name must be pronounced to protect the one who dares such sacrilege. Modern archaeologists who remove the wrappings from ancient Egyptian mummies still find tiny scarab beatles hidden in bandage folds. Small carved scarabs were made from a wide variety of materials, The small magical object was believed to be imbued with particular protective powers that warded off evil.
Taoist, the inner alchemy possesses, a striking resemblance to the basic beliefs of Tantra which claims to be the oldest religion in India. The Tantric meditation begins by visualising the inner central column of his spine the Shushumna as the axis of the cosmos. Up the Shushumna are strung a series of wheels or chakras. There are seven in total the seventh being at the top of the skull. At the base of the pelvis is the lowest chakra here sleeps the serpent Kundalini coiled around the inner phallus (linghom) with the tip of her tail in her mouth. When the Kundalini is awakened she straightens herself, enters at the bottom of the Shushumna to travel up to reach the skull. The Tantric yoga is credited with many abilities of which one of them is the transmutation of lead into gold. The body is seen as a plant with the stem of the plant being a tree, the tree of life. These seven chakra points starting from the base to the top in sequence represent planets. The first chakra (the root chakra) is the Moon. The second chakra (the scral) is Mercury. The third chakra (the solar plexus) is Venus. The fourth chakra (the Heart) is the Sun. The fifth chakra (the throat) is Mars. The Sixth chakra (the brow) is Jupiter. The seventh chakra (the crown) is Saturn. Not only is meditation a way of enlightenment but also a metaphor for travelling along the milky way.

From Robert Temple’s book, The crystal sun.
In Karnak ,inside the temple of Ptah, Sekhmets statue made from black basalt from about 3,800 years ago. Robert witnessed a light projection phenomena, a tiny ribbon of light to bisect the back of the statue, giving Sekhmet, from behind, the eerie appearance of having a electric spinal cord.
The mythical source of the Nile was said to be at Elephantine and the rise of the annual flood was believed to start at here. This is the first location of the seven charka points, marked out by seven temples in Egypt.
The rise of the annual flood in Egypt gives the Osiris mapped out on earth, a yearly kundalini experience. I believe the locations along the Nile represent Osiris’s spine.
The Egyptian chakra points leading up to the Orion configuration (Giza pyramids) represent the spine of Osiris []
The image of the vast body of Osiris slowly moving north i.e. drifting on the waters of the Nile is a specific piece of astronomical terminology claimed to describe the changes being effected by precession in Orion's celestial address
Orion's slow processional drift, the effects of which was that the constellation would seem to be slowly drifting northwards, along the west bank of the milky way.

Evidence to prove Egyptians knew about chakras.

Note the seven spherical nodules along the pole from near the bottom on up to the crossbeam.
They are thought to correspond to the seven chakras of the human body. There is another nodule above the beam, which may represent a sphere of timeless consciousness beyond the earth plane. Note also that the composite animal's snout cuts across the pole between the third and forth nodules. The platform of the Judgement seat is also at that level. This seems to indicate the critical point between the third chakra and the fourth, the heart chakra.
Plenty of references to chakras and Egyptians in Jonathan Blacks book The secret history of the world.
These temples along the Nile represent chakra points. In turn the chakra points represent planets, with the Nile representing the milky way
.Moon Elephantine
Mercury Thebes
Venus Abydos
Sun Heliopolis
Mars Memphis
Jupiter Heliopolis
Saturn Behedet
From Keeper of genesis
The term when his name became Sokar does clearly seem to imply that the body of Osiris merged with the land of Sokar, ie the Memphite necropolis and that his image i.e. the astral image of the Orion region in the sky was some how grafted onto it
also this from scott Creighton
Sacred regions of Osiris, Abydos and Memphis are not just meant to consider in terrestrial terms but also in cosmic terms.
A reply to the original post, Michael Saunders
I sit here stunned at your words.....The borders of Egypt were set-up to mark the extent of the planets above solstice. The greatest deviation from the tropic being the 7 degrees of mercury requiring 24+7 degrees.

So the 6th Chakra = Jupiter = 3rd eye = medial division of the brow = ox horns between which sits the red disk. = eye of Horus = midnight midwinter solstice

Jupiter = Iapetus = Upuat = pole star = Ursa Minor = Anubis = Peter = He who is over the secrets = key holder to the gates of heaven.

From India comes the jovian 60 year cycle which takes us to the base 60 system of Pi and the holy roman emperor.

Pi and 360 takes us to the great pyramid and the measure of the earth and the heavens.

Now the boundaries of Egypt are based on where the parallel is 6/7th of the equator or 31 degrees north exactly. The southern boundary was placed 7 degrees below at 24 degrees north. The divisions of the two lands were placed to divide the 6 degrees of Upper Egypt from the 1 degree of Lower Egypt. This division was at 30 degrees north. Marked by the Great pyramid.

The great pyramid is the centre of a cross that divides the two lands and the east of Isis from the West of Nethphys. Who pull the body of Osiris form the waters at the point which will become the division of the two lands
From Jonathan black’s The secret history of the world.
The horns of Mosses represent the two horns of the two petals for the brow chakra. Some times called the third eye. An Egyptian hieroglyph called the ru which symbolised the birth portal and also the third eye, or brow chakra. The Egyptians depicted it as auraeus snake.

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