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Following on from Scott's most interesting discussion on the difference between Khufus hieroglyphs and those in the Vsye records, I raised the issue of the Pharaoh's 'names' in this thread -


At the 2009 CPAK conference in LA, I had a poster presentation on this issue.

Basically, the pharaoh's adopted Horus type of descriptions upon taking the throne. It was many years later, that the Greeks turned things around and said the pharaohs had names with the descriptive meanings. In fact, to the AEs, the pharaoh was known by the descriptions.

Here is an extract from my Poster presentation -

"To demonstrate the difference between names and descriptions, one Pharaoh was described by the AEs as -

1. Horus Mighty Bull, Beloved of Truth
2. He of the two ladies, Risen with the fiery serpent, Great of strength
3. Horus of gold, Perfect of years, He who makes hearts live
4. He of the sedge and bee Aakheperkara
5. Son of Ra Thutmose living forever and eternity

Since Greek times, this pharaoh has been referred to simply as Thutmose 1."

To reverse that statement, he was not known as Thutmose 1 to the AEs.

Why is this topic important? I consider it important because when someone finds something like the Vsye records – found in isolation – we should not consider these records mean anything more than important religious descriptions. The fact that the descriptions are similar to those adopted by a particular pharaoh does not mean they refer to that pharaoh.


'the world fears time, but time fears the pyramids', old Arab saying

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