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Dear Jacob,
It is interesting how it all connects, relating to the bones of the Mother's scattering in the Heavens (Giza Queen's Chamber) and then the coming of the King (Christ texts) in 2012.

The Book of the Dead must therefore relay what in fact the Revelations concur regarding particular Number sequences and its Acts in the Heavens......what the Shamans were trying so delicately to display.

The Chronicler tailors his burial notices to suit his theological appraisal of each monarch, so that, for example, the favoured Hezekiah, whose burial place is not given in 2 Kgs 20:2, is accorded an honourable burial beside his royal ancestors in 2 Chr.

Chronicles being Chronos or time keeper function as a listing factor.

20 states what is behind as a sequence holding it together (it it stitched or woven - mwar or moire feature - spider value or web).
Hence the Chosen factor (being 1) evolves a sequence is presented as a Jew or HEBREW as HER WEB. This is how the HEM of the Heavenly garment is sewn (border) for the actual transmission to exist within (chamber).

28 Is the sliding of designations in these texts informed in some way by the tradition in 2 Kgs 17:27-28
that (a) priest(s) from Samaria relocated to Bethel to offer religious instruction to the local inhabitants?
29 Cf. H. Niehr, ‘The Changed Status of the Dead in Yehud’, in R. Albertz and B. Becking (eds.),

Revelations factor that if the names are taken out of the Book, then so shall yours. So the prophecy of Revelation determines that the status is changed on Earth in the time frames because of it.......The Dead Kings and the chambers. These are the Holy patterns of the stitchings that bind us together as a fundamental and rational body of expressions.

Chambers = resonations/harmonics from space (where the Dead reside), so they are our inheritance from light.

32:33, whilst reprobates and diseased kings (suffering on account of their sin), including Asa (16:13-14), Uzziah (26:23) and Ahaz (28:27) are excluded from the Davidic tombs.

AHAZ determines that it is excluded from the DaviDic tomb (King tomb), therefore the time stamp of A-Z (26) is altered at AH (breath).

As Z = The End, and the link is to the Time Count and End of Time, then U and ZZ I AH determines that at 23 (W) time is altered. This is based on the Sacred WORD that aligns as a count itself relative to the Sacred COUNT.

3 = the span used across time, so a span of 3 is no longer involved in the equation (harmonics). This is the message that the Holy or Wise Men understood about the spirit function in timed sequences.

You will note of course that some of the time stamps lately (crop circles) are actually missing pieces of their structures.



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