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From the book Rosslyn Guardian of the Holy Grail by Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins.
The Egyptian pyramid text. The water of the Nile where represented in the heavens by the Milky way The temple of God on Earth, Egypt itself was patterned on a eternal of the supreme achievement of nature namely Homo Sapiens. This geographical representation of the human archetype had a spine, a head in the north and a body in the south along the spine represented by the river Nile lay seven temples marking the great mystical centres which where the Earthly equivalent of the seven main chakras in the human body The rise of the flood, believed to start at elephantine, shows the first location of a charka point. The rise of the flood gives Osiris a yearly kundalini experience.
The idea that initiates would start their religious teaching in elephantine, then moving north each time to the next location, chakra point , temple. To receive the next level of their teachings in turn.
This is how the chakras align to the Egyptian temples
Root Elephantine
Scral Thebes
Solar plexus Abydos
Heart Hermopolis
Throat Memphis
Brow Heliopolis
Crown Behedet
But not just temples in Egypt align to chakra points.
In medieval times; a pilgrim was to travel mostly on foot covering about 20-25 Km a day and was driven by a fundamentally devotional reason: the pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of Christianity. There were at the time three main centres of attraction :Rome, the site of the martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul;
Santiago de Compostela, the place chosen by the apostle Saint James to rest in peace and obviously Jerusalem in the Holy Land.
The pilgrim did not travel alone but in a group and he used to carry the pilgrimage emblems (the shell for Santiago de Compostela, the cross for Jerusalem and the key for Saint Peter in Rome).
In the Mosses legacy by Graham Phillips Graham was trying to locate a place called Beth-El. Beth-El is the name for the house of god. Graham found seven main sites at different locations. When the locations are plotted on a map of Israel they run South to North with the middle location in Jerusalem representing the sun chakra.
The locations starting from the Southern most point are - Moab, Ephorath = Behtleham, Luz, Solomons Temple, Mishmash, Shilo, Ramah.
The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) is a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together at the tomb of St. James (Santiago in Spanish) in Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain.
There is a configuration of seven pre Christian sites, which form the route of a pilgrimage of initiation used by druids, knights Templar and Christian mystics in their search for true knowledge and enlightenment. Beginning at Compostela in Spain, the voyage of discovery proceeds to Toulouse, Orleans, Chartes, Paris and Amiens, taking us deep into a mysterious world where hidden streams of spirituality flow beneath the surface of European history, profoundly influencing evolution of western thought. The journey ends at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland,
The European trail
In an older post I suggested there must be a trail in Italy here is a pilgrim route
The Via Francigena is a historical itinerary leading to Rome from Canterbury, a major route which in the past was used by thousands of pilgrims on their way to Rome. A, route bears witness to the importance of the practice of pilgrimage in medieval times;
Whilst discussing the Egyptian chakra trail Gary Osborne said about the Egyptian chakra trail, the first location being Elephantine in Hindu depiction's the base chakra is associated with the elephant.
And in the 'Hypnerotomachia' there is an image of an obelisk or column (spine) resting on the back of an Elephant
So could this statue represent the base chakra of a chakra trail in italy.
Visit the pantheon and next to it, in the Piazza della Minerva, is a Bernini statue: that of an elephant with an obelisk on his back. The design is not original to Bernini Remarkably, however, the statue does not feature in Brown’s book.

if this statue represents the base then it should represent the moon.
if so, there will be churches along the Via Francigena wich represent planets

If you think I am good on a counterbalance, you need to see me on a reach!

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