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I once contacted you via e-mail a vey long time ago concerning what I belived to be some sort of figures in the stone that were visible from the air around the great pyramid. A few days later I got a response from somebody called Olly heins? (dont know if you spell it like that) He claimed to be your researcher and we e-mailed each other for a while, each time he was taking the images which he said you were looking at.
firstly did you look at these images. And Seccondly did you actually get the e-mails passed along to you, as now my isp decided to tell me thjat around that time I was hacked and e-mails of mine were read.
Please get back to me on this topic asap.

Andrew R Allen

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Graham, please read 905 Andrew Allen 09-Nov-00 20:05
RE: Graham, please read 656 Graham Hancock 10-Nov-00 23:42

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