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The ancients around the world created an enormous amount of spectacular structures that can't be fully explained by modern historians and scientists.

They created many wonders that modern technology would have a difficult time relpicating.
In many cases modern technology can't recreate them at all.
How were these structures built?
How did they move colossal stones upto 1,000 tons?
How did they carve colossal statues out of cliffsides without dynimite, drills, jackhammers etc.?
Did the ancients have technology that was lost and still has yet to be found?
Does this raise doubts about the social evolution of ancient civilizations?

In order to figure out what happened in the past it would help to present this information in as organized a manor as possible. I know there are experts more informed about archeology than me and with better organizational skills; However they aren't presenting this information to the public in the most effective manor possible. In many cases simply organizing the facts and checking simple math raises doubts about the oficial explanation for sites like Egypt, Baalbek, Angkor Wat and Thom, Teohuanico etc.

I have listed well over 107 ancient wonders of the world as well as a few more modern wonders to compare them. I have attempted to organize them by location and marked which ones moved colossal stones, carved large volumes of statues, Carved colossal statues out of living rock and made structures that had extremely tight joints that can't be replicated today. I have provided links to help understand each wonder. I have attempted to use the most reputable links I could find but there are no gaurentees. Sometimes the "reputable sites" make obvious mistakes and the "suspect" ones get things right so use your own discretion. I am attempting to sort out the hard facts and speculation so that if one hypothosis is disproven you'll still have hard facts that can be confirmed and you can be sure of when someone comes up with another hypothosis. I have also considered several ways that people can find out more about these structures.

for more see the following site:


If you have any sugestions on how to explain these sites I would welcome your input.

I'm also interested and any aditional wonders that I may have missed and more information on the size of these colossal stones and how far they were moved if anyone knows more let me know.

I'm trying to present this in a way that the average person could understand not just the experts.

This site is a work in progress any help will be welcome.



If you tried to smuggle the Colossi of Memnon onto a plane would security notice?

107 Wonders of the Ancient World

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