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The Danube Gorges of Ada-Kaleh/Atlantis island is a VULCANIC area.
The general climate of Romania is temperat-continental of transition, but Cazanale Dunarii(Danube's cauldrons) is a mediteranean climate!
The regions separated by "Cazane", Banat in the West and Oltenia in the SW are considered as part of the (sub)mediteranean Sector.

The others Sectors of Romania's climate are:
-oceanic in W and center,
-continental arid in E-NE-SE,
-transition in S,
-baltico-scandinav in N-NE,
-pontic at the shores of Black Sea.
Romania is at 45 lat. N., 4 seasons, basicly a normal temperat country, but "Cazane"-couldrons is the "problem, the exception.

The plants and animals are quite unique because are mediteranean: Drobitza(Genista tinctoria-"furze/heal all"), the tulip of Cazane, the Dalmatian gladiola, stanjenelul galben("yellow iris"-Iris pseudacorus), deditzelul de mare("pasque flower"-Pullsatila randis), turkish cherry tree, wild wallnut tree, fig tree, jugastrul spaniol("spanish field maple"-Acer campestre),volbura spaniola(spanish bindweed/morning/whirlwind), saffron...and of course, the wild olive tree, wich-and this is from personal experience-it doesn't lose anithing during winter.
One of the ancient names of the island Ada-Kaleh/Atlantis was in fact "Continusa"-(olive tree).
We have small mediteranean birds and animals, in particular the horned viper and a strange turle. Romania and Serbia have here National Parks(Domogled-Iron Gates/Djerdap-Gerdapuri) because the climate and the fauna/flora are unique for this part of the world. The entire area is just one giant "pressure cooker", and Herculane town is a well recognized Spa for the termal waters since 2000 years ago! You want the "warm spring" from Atlantis? It's here in Herculane. Red rocks? Why do you think that Ada-Kaleh is called Orshova/Rushava/Erythia( Erytheea)?-"the red one". You can see the red mountains of Cazane from space, just go on Google maps. If you have Google Earth(I recommend it), even better, if not, download it, install it, it's free and cool. Use names like Orsova, Herculane, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Slatinic("little Slatina"-usual romanian name for towns next to a big water, is just a few km. away from the island), Dierna, Tekija(in Serbia), and of course Ada-Kaleh.


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