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"can you educate me"...wise a$$ :)

Ok, I am gonna start to answer to the lists of Deep1 and legionromanes, point by point, I got answers for all, just need some request, always pay attention on consonants from the proper names/nouns(see the capital letters)...
David L, sacred-text is one of my favorites for quite some time...thanks

Romania's borders looks today like a fish, the tail is in the SE(Dobrogea region with Danube Delta) at the Black Sea. The head of the fish is in west, in "front" of it, in Hungary, is the river TiSa(ancient names TeThiS/STyX-"the river of pledges/vows" in greek myths, Thataka for hindu myths). The "mouth" of the "fish" is Danube Gorges=CaZaNe/Derdap/Cataracte/Sip. CaZaNe-"cauldrons" is also "oKeaNoS" for greeks..."oKeaNos potamos(potable/fresh water)"="the river oCeaN"=DuNaRea-"aDuNaRea-the gathering...of rivers".
"DuNa"+"Ra"="wave"+"river" or "Dona/ZaNa"(lady/fairy...SiReN-"bird woman".."ama+ZoNa"...)+"river"...
This "mouth" between Romania(Carphatian mountains) and Serbia(Balkan mountains) is our location of the island of Ada-Kaleh/Atlantis, this is our BULLSEYE...

-The continent/country/valley sourrounded by mountais, of aTLaNTis, is region oLTeNia in SW Romania. The particle "is" from "atlant-is", is characteristic for greek language proper names/nouns, ignore it...
If you look on the map of Romania/Bulgaria/Serbia, you will see that Oltenia(SW), togheter with Valahia(S) are the "belly" of the "fish" positonated from West to East. These two at North of Danube river, are put togheter as MuNTeNia-"mountain country"(Oriental Charpathians). She is also called MyGDoNia(remember Midgaard from norse myths?)-in the West is "guarded" by MeHeDiNTZi county with MeHaDia and in the East by MeDGiDia...In the South over Danube, in Bulgaria and Serbia, is called as MoeSia-"the MarSh land"...
The romanian words:"MoSH, MoSHie, MeJDiNa, MiriSHte, MuSHuroi, MuJDei..." are translated as "old man, land estate, recently ploughed land, high grass land, anthill, garlic sauce..." and so on...Add MeSiaH, MoSHe/MoSeS and you get it...Basicly, Muntenia/Moesia is the "MoiSTed" land, the "wet land", "flooded land" by Danube river, the plain of the Danube is called LuNCa-"everglades"/sounds like the hindu LaNKa, no?...SRi LaNKa/"TZaRa LuNCii" in romanian language is in fact "LuNKa Jiu"-Jiu=RaBoN river of RaVaNa...but about this, later, for Deep1 Dasgupta...

-oLTeNia is known as eDeN in the Genesis, JoTuN(heimr) for norse, TieN for chinese, Tir Na NoG-"TZaRa NoVaCilor-giants" in romanian language...-land of GiaNTs/(NoVaCi-JieNi in romanian language)/NiBeLuNGi/aNuNNaKi...
-MuNTeNia sounds like the mythological MeT-aKam "high abode/country" or DiLMuN, don't you think, not the "copycats" from Persian Gulf or Indus Valley...MaGaN?..."MaGaDaN" in romanian language is also "giant kid".
-VaLaHia is of course the biblical HaViLa, land of the VaLaHi-romanian name, I know about 40 variations of this one, but i like "eLF"(you know, with pointed ears) and "eLoHiM"(wich is actually a plural...used with singular verbs and adjectivs for hebrew).

So, aTLaNTis is oLTeNia...


God is the only Simpsons character to have 5 fingers on each hand.

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