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Okay, for a moment let us assume that a mistake in the timeline of 9000 vs. 5000 years is possible, and set that argument aside. Plato describes many other features of Atlantis that are rarely discussed adequately. As a way to test your hypothesis, I have included a brief checklist below:

1) The country of Atlantis was a continent sized landmass (Libya and Asia Minor combined) and its capital was located on an island that subsequently was swallowed by the sea within a day;
2) It was located “beyond the pillars of Herakles,” – not necessarily just past these pillars;
3) It had a tropical climate, complete with monsoonal rains;
4) Elephants and horses;
5) Tropical fruits - coconuts, pineapples, and bananas;
6) Agrarian society that grew “2 crops per year,” including summer and winter crops, and practiced terraced mountain cultivation;
7) An extensive network of canals used for both irrigation and navigation;
8) Locally produced spices, perfumes and incenses that they traded;
9) An abundance of metals, with large copper deposits to produce the alloy “orichalcum,” that they used extensively in their constructions;
10) Megalithic constructions that were destroyed by the ocean;
11) The destruction of the City rendered the seas in the area “unnavigable” for many years afterwards because of the “floating” debris – suggesting floating pumice from a major volcanic eruption;
12) An enormous population for the ancient world, with a million-man army (even if he exaggerated, it puts a conservative estimation of the population at – at least 5 to 10 million people.)

Since I am unfamiliar with the history and archeological findings of Romania, can you educate me on how many of these features match those of the region you have in mind?




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