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A certain point has been made recently, by what may be one of the sharpest members currently posting on this board. It was decisive and well worth adding to. But yet, in doing so I cannot help but judge the tone of the way in which it was delivered, to say something more general about this whole board.

Most people who post on Graham’s site are not specialists formally qualified up to doctorate level in the diverse fields of such as astronomy, geology, anthropology or ancient history. And so, surprise surprise; they do not consult masses of technical research papers from all the top journals before daring to post anything of interest at this site. Instead they – shock horror – read books that have been published by people who have attempted to review some of the more technical papers from diverse fields, and to summarise the findings and present them in a way that builds up a big picture, that no research paper was ever really intended to convey, nor could it. (It requires guts and a vision to write these sorts of books I might add).

But the thing is; the people who do write such books can get caught out occasionally. Even with the best of intentions they can present research in summary that may be in error. And thus, the people that read their books may also, in mentioning certain studies, be wrong also. It happens. And yet, that specialists may come along and point out what they think are errors is not in and of itself wrong. In fact it is something that they should do.

That being said however; and now I have in mind certain very specific people on this board; when you do present information that conflicts with something somebody else has put forward – implying that they are wrong – you do not need to imply also that they are an idiot. You do not need to insult them.

There are certain people on this board who need a heavy dose of humility. They cannot seem to help themselves. They get involved in practically every thread, always with something to say. They appear to like arguing for its own sake and take pleasure in pulling people down. Especially with choice comments that usually are along the following lines:

“Oh, that’s just wishful thinking on your part…” “Oh if only you had taken the time to do some proper research before posting…” And then there are those that cite a dozen research papers and provide a ‘helpful’ reading list of 5 or 6 books and say to the effect, “Well, if you read all this you will know what you are talking about...” (This latter one I personally consider to be a real p**s take).

Truly it is ironic that what appear to be some of the smartest and most intelligent people on this board are also some of the most obnoxious and overbearing with their comments. Of course I could name names here. But there is no need. These smart people know who they are. And I know how they would respond. They would either deny their poor character outright, or indeed – and I would not put it past them – be so bold as to say that it is irrelevant. Either way, they would no doubt reply with such as, “I am just stating the facts and not fiction…Blah Blah Blah.” And, “If you cannot handle the truth that’s you problem…Blah Blah Blah.” I do not think anybody here would disagree with this assessment.

And now, in bringing this post to a close, as those who would view my profile will know, there are only just over 200 posts to my name. And this has been over the course of a few years. I do not, like some, get involved in practically every thread, and do indeed take occasional absences from this board for a few months at a time. And this is exactly what I intend to do right now. Just at this moment in time I am feeling life is a bit too short to be here on this board right now. I will return sometime later on after a break.

And so to all, I say goodbye for now


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