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This is a quick hello to everyone who has put up ideas on the message board. Keep them coming please. I'm touched by the many really kind things that people have said. Honestly, its nice to know that I have some friends out there.

But I have to say, I'm NOT and do not want to be "the way". I'm an extremely imperfect human being with numerous character blemishes who happens to write books. A lot of what I do involves the synthesising and reporting of other people's discoveries, other people's work -- so if anybody deserves credit, it is them, not me.

I'm presently putting in ridiculously long hours writing my next book "Underworld",the three-part TV series that is being made alongside it for Britain's Channel 4, and at the same time fighting the mammoth, patronising arrogance of the BBC.

On the "Underworld" front the past two years have been a revelation. I have been privileged to scuba dive repeatedly at some of the most dramatic underwater locations in the world and I have, believe me, a story to tell.

On the BBC Horizon front all I have asked the Czars there for are two reasonable things to help set straight the record that they smeared and obscured -- a live debate at which Robert Bauval and I can confront our critics directly, and the BBC's agreement to the publication in a forthcoming edition of "Fingerprints of the Gods" (April 2001) of the complete uncut, unedited transcripts of the two lengthy on-camera interviews that I gave to the Horizon team. As you can see on this site's Newsdesk, the BBC yesterday refused both requests.

I feel that this is wrong, particularly over the issue of the publication of the transcripts which after all are made up almost entirely of my words. Why are the BBC afraid for the public to see these transcripts. What are they trying to cover up here? I intend to publish the transcripts next April anyway even if it involves a head-on collision with the arrogant mammoth.

Meanwhile, this is a personal request to all visitors to this site, who wish me well and would like to help me, to please send emails of protest about the ever-widening Horizon scandal to both the BBC executives whose email addresses are given on Newsdesk. I would be grateful if you would also copy those emails to

This is a vital issue for me personally and I believe it touches on a much wider and more important issue of freedom of thought and of opinion in our societies. Could it be that the reason that many in authority, together with the intellectuals that they pay and honour, have so violent a hatred of alternative history is that alternative history is profoundly subversive? Once we start to question what the scholars tell us about humanity's past I've noticed that a very strange thing happens: we also start to question what humanity and its crazed, soulless leaders are doing now.

Please don't let the BBC get away with what it tried to do with "Atlantis Reborn". The hypothesis of a lost civilisation may be wrong or may be right -- only time will tell. But it is definitely wrong, morally wrong, intellectually wrong, for a giant corporation like the BBC to use its resources and dominant media position to try to crush and ridicule open-minded enquiry into such a possibility.

I realise that a number of questions about translations, "Phoenix Unveiled" etc, etc, have been tabled here. Either I or my assistant Sharif will try to answer these in the next few days.

Thank you again.

Warm best wishes, Graham

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