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Hey Willam sorry for taking so long but here is some more on the Baal bit.
Indeed the hand over the head and the crown(similar to the red one in egypt!) is the hunter with thunder.This lord show the riseing of the Sirius star and the place of his death may conised with his riseing agian, siruis was commenly sence as the great place of rebirth that he rose again. Mot with Anat help rase him again form his tomd and in a very Anbusis like fasion, this according to a stella on a temple contempary with the Baal cycle (ugarit) poems.More latter with links

More yet on the indo-euro connection, the Canaaites help form some of the classical lanuges through the Phoenitian phase through the greeks and iberians. The cannanites started even eariler since we have strong evidnce of
trade at ugarit with the Myceians and the coould have translated that to a number of europians civilsiations they traded with. There is some evidince now that even the Minoans traded with the Canaanites as or almost as heavly as they did with the Egyptians then this could have translated across the Europian cont. if it dated to early 2nd millenia B.C.E. or 3rd even.

Many gods, many forms , one power above.

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