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In FOTG, i am pretty sure there is mention of a radioactve material being used as an "ATEN" crown.

I cant quote the exact page as i have lent the book out, but this has always bugged me.

If the crown was made of a Radioactive material, probsbly a metal, where did it come from?

As far as i am aware there were no radioactive materials in Egypt, then again i could be wrong! (I usually am)

Could it have come from a meteor stike?

Could it have been found naturally?

Did the Egyptians have any basic knowledge of metallurgy, ie that the radioactive metal was different from ordinary gold.

What did they think was so special about it, special enough for them to make the Aten crown from?

My feelings are that it came from a meteor shower, which is why it was revered (ie it was a gift from the heavens) and they did not really understand it.

Could the Ark of the Covenant have contained this radioactive material? It would explain much of its "mystical" power.

Does a lot of radiocative material stike the earth on a regular basis?

Any know where i am...(waiting to get blasted by Dr E or Garrett for asking such absurd questions)

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