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One of my main objections to orthodoxy in the academic community is that professors in universities & colleges around the world are forced to published or be denied tenure. You name the profession and you will find an ocean of literature on it that is nothing but swill. There are a few gems in this mess but who wants to wade through it to get at those gems? Most will wade through it and never get at them.

I am a life-time member of the Dante Society of America. One of the perks is to obtain its yearly journal. I keep in touch with all the so-called new research on Dante. If you want to see swill I recommend the literature. Because of my own mathematical research on Dante I have to stay abreast of it. Academics from every quarter trying to get tenure find themselves reading Dante's work and writing up a paper "without knowledge" and getting published. There are professors worth their weight in gold that can't get published. There are professors that would amputate their arms to get published but can't get published.

Each of the diciplines and their various sub-groups have their own autonomous editorial boards and it is based upon the individual board's recommendation whether a scholar gets published or not. That is the way it works. If you are not in tuned with the current way of thought you don't get published. Imagine being a professor in a university that demands publication (and they all do) and you are writing a dozen paper a year besides do your daily school schedules. How much time could you have given each of those 12 papers on 12 different disciplines?

There is the possibility of abuse in this system where bribery or extortion is the name of the game. I am not saying that bribery and extortion actually goes on but the system is set up for it to be all too possible. Ask yourself why many of the article published are from those that either sit on the editorial boards themselves or written by people that really have no interest in the subject matter?

We have one very powerful Republican Congressman who use to be a professor that guided students in their Ph.D. He has been accused by a number of well established woman scholars, in their field, of demanding sexual favors. He is skating the problem.

So you have these countless number of scholars that seek to obtain tenure and there is a limit to how many papers can get published in a year. This forces many of them to go out and publish on their own which could cost about $25,000. Now our libraries are filling up with this trash. Because they are not well thought out papers or books. These are written by tired overworked and most times burnt out professors that are trying to hold on to their jobs.

That is a sorry state of affairs for academia to be in but it is the established order of things at the present time.

This is the state of affairs that Graham Hancock and company have to argue against. Now maybe it can be seen why my disdain is so adament.

Now maybe you can understand why Professor Fagan back out of the challenge made by Graham Hancock. I understand Mr. Fagan motives but not his moral decision.

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