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Nothing could be more threatening in an intellectual way--than being questioned. Picture yourself as a professor of "umpteen" years with a PhD that you labored over (whether your thesis is highly regarded, or regarded as sketchy at best). Now add that your professional EXISTENCE is based on what you've likey wrote , discussed, and taught numerous times to students who by in large give you at least a sliver of a feeling of worth by taking notes, recording, and otherwise hanging on your every word--being that you're the expert. Surely as the PhD extraordinairre you could not have found any interest in what you are doing and you--based on your objective powers of intellect alone--would have a sterile and passionless care in your theories and research because you live and breath to find the truth as it is, not as you see it. It is to the point that you are now as devoid of feelings the standard Vulcan from Star Trek. Likely not. What I'm getting at is that anything when something established is questioned, offense is taken by default because of the tremedous personal stake put into whatever has been generally understood as excepted. Examples abound--ad nauseum. Just go through this messageboard. I don't consider myself Vulcan and that's why I keep coming back to this site.

To all the PhD's out there, please take no offense to the above. I get my stereotypes coming my way too and ultimately I am compelled just laugh at them to stay sane.


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