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You know, your comment about finding the "common ancestor", as well as Susan's reference to Richard Dawkins puts me in mind of something I learned from a couple of botanists.

I have already mentioned that I am not a scientist, unless you consider someone with an MBA who sort of understands the "dismal science" of economics to be a scientist LOL! But I have always enjoyed science, and my wife and I are always taking a science course or two at the local junior college; I guess we know just enough to be dangerous.

We also work as volunteers at a local arboretum in Arizona, and went to a couple of colloquia on plant taxonomy with some botanists specializing in desert plants.

It seems that, although they still teach Linnaeus' binomial classification, as well as the Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family-Genus-Species thingy, it's no longer considered a big deal.

Instead, they use molelecular systematics (mitochondrial DNA comparisons) to determine at what point in time two species have diverged, which has led to a de facto investigation of plants as being either the same species (i.e., they can interbreed and produce viable ofspring) or not; and if not, how far back did they diverge.

This is exactly the approach Dawkins makes in his "Ancestor's Tale". Although I still feel an emotional atachment to Linnaeus' classification, I suppose the present way makes more sense, although I'm also guessing that Biblical literalists would have a hard time with it, since it makes several assumptions which are at the same time quite basic and quite anti-Bible.

"Given any kind of real choice as children, we'd all be Christians because they have hot dogs with mustard and pickle-relish."

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