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Laird -

If, as you explain in the preceding posts, you have new evidence to present, then, as I said previously, it is probably best to await its publication before discussing the subject any further.

In the meantime, I would just repeat that I am sure that Griaule was not guilty of any intentional fraud or deceit. I would add, thought, that, amongst the problems with his methodology was the fact that, apparently, he never mastered the Dogon language - which many ethnologists would have considered a prerequisite for this kind of research - and therefore had to work with the aid of an interpreter, which cannot have made his task any easier.

You also mention a “specific detailed cosmological view that is derived in a particular way from a specific type of aligned structure”. I would reply that the term “structured cosmology” is a very Western concept. You speak of Dogon cosmology as if it were frozen at one moment in time, rather than - as is perhaps more likely - in a continually fluid state.

You also go on to say of “Renard Pâle”: "The Pale Fox can be a difficult volume – not because of any fault in its clarity – but because its structure may have been deliberately designed to reflect many of the deep enigmas of the Dogon religion itself. It is possible that at the time of its composition, Germaine Dieterlen found herself in an intractable dilemma – caught between the ethic of a professional anthropologist and the moral obligation of a Dogon initiate. Professionally, she was required to report the many intimate details she had learned about the Dogon religion, but as a caretaker of privileged tribal knowledge”. Again, I would ask whether what we understand by “deep enigmas” and “privileged tribal knowledge” of Dogon religion coincide with what the Dogon themselves actually understand by such terms. There are some interesting comments on “Renard Pâle” in the “Pale Fox” section of this site; doubtless you’ll have already come across them, but they might be of some interest to others with a less detailed knowledge of the subject.

I shall look forward with interest to reading your article.


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