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Facts as they are known in Egyptology are only those coherent with today's view. BTW can you quote essentially WHAT facts there are? Is the Giza pyramid being a tomb for a pharoah a fact - Confirmed fact? By what?

Is the way the pyramids where buiilt a fact? Confirmed? by what?

I would suggest you do not claim that Graham's work is all mystique and not Genuine work. think of it, how much time and effort you have to put into writing a book like Graham does. How much travel you have to make to obtain the pictures. How much trouble you get into trying to negotiate your way into getting information and evidence given the notoriety Graham has as been an advocate of alternate theories.
The way I could put it, Graham's work IS genuine work, ever more so if you suggest prominent academic work is said to be. You can say Graham's work esp. in the sign and the seal as the introduction to a very long thesis. Think of how much background reading and search for evidence you have to make to form the intro and litereature review.

I find it very sad to find that you bemean a man's work suggesitng imagination over genuine work - in fact, alot of orthodox theory stemmed from imagination, which then sought to find evidence to make theory to become fact. But at the same time, new ideas and imagination form, which seek evidence to form theory - but how is it justified that orthodox academics throw scorn and prevent the actual searching for evidence.

Mark Chan

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