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Hi there,

I have been reading the entries on this forum for about two month's by now. At first I was very happy about finding this forum and the possibillity of reading Emails from Graham Hancock himself. I even made some entries myself, not that those generated much excitment though (sigh).
However, after a while the tone of some discussions started to irritate me. To get mixed with forms of negative energy makes me feel bad and filthy.
I have no need for these discussions and all I want is to obtain information about new developments, interesting new links and so on. One needs to click without end to find a positive feed. Maybe there are more readers who see it this way. If so isn't it a good idea to split the forum into two fora?
Like Fora A is for entries in favor of Graham Hancock theories, and Fora B is for critic's?
In this way everybody can have his/her say and forum users can choose what they want.

Can the web master shed his/her light on this please?


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