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I have just posted this message in response to Garrett Fagan in the thread "Debate" below:

Dear Garrett,

Seems to me I have these options:

(1) Post our 77-page email debate anyway, even though you object. What I want to know is, will you sue me for breach of copyright if I do that or will you just call me more nasty names?

(2)Copy and paste only my replies to your original mails into a document and put it up on this site (maybe paraphrase your questions in some way?)

(3) Ignore you.

(4) Get drawn into another month-long debate over every point you make and thus be obliged to set aside my objective of completing at least three more chapters of the book I am currently writing before Xmas (not to say messing up the calm space inside my head, where I have to go when I write).

(5) Prepare and present on this website a detailed position statement on carbon-dating, and my views about it, and its past, present and future role in my work.

I suppose (sigh) that on balance I shall have to do the latter, though I still very much wish that the original honest and unposturing email debate that we had a year ago could be posted in the interim.In general I'd rather have rounded discussions with you ,covering many areas, than have to deal with specific issues in isolation, like a sniper. But rounded discussions take a big investment of time, energy and intelligence. Since I invested all that for a month with you a year ago, and you did the same, I think it's a huge pity to let it go to waste.

If I decide to do a big position paper on carbon-dating it is likely to take at least four months. I do mean to go back to writing my book from now through 15 Jan. Then I am researching and filming in India for several weeks. After that Japan. But somewhere betwixt and between these and many other matters I will try my very best to put together a detailed and considered document that I will post on this site (and perhaps, if it is done in time, I will also publish it as an appendix in the new edition of "Fingerprints" that we are publishing next year).

Please don't bellyache any more about me trying to dodge your razor-sharp questions, etc, etc. I'm doing my best to accommodate you while under very heavy pressure writing the book on which my name and reputation will ultimately stand or fall.

But peace. I accept your challenge. I'll try to do what you ask on carbon-dating. Four months, not a day before.

Best wishes,


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