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I had another go at Paul Smith, well known Rennes le Chateau debunker and the anti-Rennes le Chateau TV programme makers Guru.

I asked him for an answer to the fact that de Cherisey never said anything about the parchment codes being decoded using a 25 letter alphabet or that the final solution is a direct anagram of the Hautpoul tombstone.

He couldn't handle it.

Here are his two replies:

> Anything and everything to do with the PoS and
> "treasure of RLC" is pure bunkum rubbish, frigments of
> the imagination. Read the books by Jean-Jacques Bedu,
> Bill Putnam & John Edwin Wood, Bernardo Sanchez de
> Motta, Massimo Introvigne, Mary France Etchegoin, etc,
> etc, etc, etc:
> []

> Stop Dreaming Fantasies and Wake Up to Reality.

> Paul Smith

> You're just another Plantard Junkie.
> Even if Chaumeil "believed in UFOs" (which he does
> not) it would not invalidate any of the documentation
> in his archive about Plantard and De Cherisey.
> Perhaps you can direct your grievances to the Paris
> Prefecture of Police and to the Sub Prefecture of St
> Julien-en-Genevois instead of wasting my time. Tell
> the French Police who you think Pierre Plantard is and
> they will ignore you as well.
> Don't e-mail me again because you have been blocked.

> Paul Smith


Notice he avoided the main question altogether.

I never said anything about Plantard but he makes up his own straw man and then throws a huff and throws the dummy out of the pram. I did however mention that Jean Luc Chaumiel believes Aliens are running the planet. Seems he couldn't handle the fact that the person who supplies Smith with all his his info has written a book about Aliens.

He has recently attacked the new illustrated edition of the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.- here. This is a man who seems to spend all his waking hours attacking the Rennes le Chateau story but cannot handle an instant when he himself is challenged.

I told him about the letter written by a seventeenth century priest who implored his parishioners to stop worshipping at sites containing.

“Places where three pathways meet, river sources, menhirs and large trees”

As you can see he couldn't handle that either.

"That which is unchallenged and exercised as habit rapidly becomes ritual. When this occurs, dissent becomes an object of surprise, if not resentment."
-- B. Carmon Hardy

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