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Spiritual alchemy can be expressed in Pagan, Toist, Hindu, Egyptian,
Muslim, Sufi and Christian terms. The symbolic languages of these
beliefs might be different but the fundamental beliefs in the living
soul and in the possibility of the self transformation remain the
same. The belief in the living essence in our planet gains concrete
and powerful expression when specific landscape features are
interpreted as forming part of the body of a great supernatural
being. The correlation between the buildings and the body is
especially strong in some of the religions based on a key mythical

The Australian Aborigines tell of their ancestors who when in the
dream time began to walk the earth. On their wanderings the
ancestors found shapeless heaps lying around. They fashioned knives
from stones and with these knives they carved heads, faces, arms,
hands, legs and feet, they made fully formed human beings.

From the bible, the Lord God took some soil from the ground and
formed a man out of it and fashioned it in his likeness. The Hebrew
name for man and ground are very similar.

In the Rig Veda the primordial man Purusha had his vast body pinned
down by the gods, they cut him into many pieces which the entire
universe was created from including the sky from his head and earth
from his feet.

In Chinese mythology Pan Ku a giant when he died a miracle happened.
His feet and hands became the four quarters, his head turned into
the mountains that rise up from the earth and his eyes became the
sun and the moon. A thousand different plants and trees grew from
his skin and hair. His breath was transformed into the wind and
clouds and his voice into rolling thunder from the heavens. His
teeth, bones and marrow became the metals, rocks and precious stones
within the earth. His sweat turned into flowing rivers. Last of all
the fleas and lice that leaped and crept over his hairy body became
human beings.

The Mesopotamian epic of creation Enuma Elish tells how the deity
Marduk killed Tiamat he sliced her in two forced one half up into an
arc to form the roof of the sky he heaped the lower half to form the

In Norse mythology Bor and his wife Best la created three more gods
Odin, Vili an Ve who slew the frost giant Ymir. From his Ymir's
flesh the gods made the Earth. His bones became the mountains, his
skull became the heavens, his blood became the dark seas and his
brains created the clouds.

In Egyptian mythology Set hacked Osiris body into pieces and
scattered them all over Egypt. Every year Set's burning hatred
scorches the land, Isis weeps for her dead husband causing the Nile
to swell and flood to quench the parched earth then Osiris comes to
life again.

The most influential group of Muslims who are steeped in Hermeticism
where known as the Ikhwan Al-Sufa meaning the brethren of purity.
They produce a widely influential encyclopaedia of philosophy and
science called Rasai'l. The brethren believe the universal soul is
the spirit of the world the four elements and a matter which serve
as the supports. The spheres and the stars are like its organs and
the minerals, plants and animals are objects which make it move.

Chandela kings had temples built that are intended to link Earth
with heaven and to remind the worshiper that there is a continuum
between the world of humans and that of the gods. Each temple maybe
compered to the human body. The inner shrine with its deity is the
equivalent of the soul. The base represents the legs, the mid
portion the waist and the spire the head.

The Polynesian island of Naura have a creation myth the spider and
the clam shell. Descending on a thread the old spider discovered a
huge clam shell and was greatly amazed. The spider's curiosity was
fully aroused and used every ounce of her magic to part the two
halves of the shell just enough that she could squeeze inside.
Inside the shell where two snails she picked the first one up and
put it on the roof of the shell as the moon. Now that she had a
little light to see the spider noticed a large worm coiled in the
bottom of the shell. The spider asked the worm could she make the
shell a little wider so we can stand up. The worm pushed the two
halves and unhinged the sockets of the shell and opened them wide
apart. The upper half became the realms of the heavens and the lower
half the realm of the Earth. The labour of the worm caused sweat to
pour from his body which settled in the bottom of the shell and
became the salty sea.

Boshongo (Bantu tribe of Central Africa) In the beginning there was
only darkness, water, and the great god Bumba. One day Bumba, in
pain from a stomach-ache, vomited up the sun. The sun dried up some
of the water, leaving land. Still in pain, Bumba vomited up the
moon, the stars, and then some animals: the leopard, the crocodile,
the turtle, and, finally, some men, one of whom, Yoko Lima was white
like Bumba.

The Peublo Indians believed that the god awonanwilome existing in
primordial darkness. thought into existence fogs, life bearing germs
and from his flesh was made the earth and sky.

The Algonkians tell of a sophisticated creation myth reminiscent of
Osiris. Gluskap said he made the world from the bones of his mother.

The green man with foliage sprouting from his mouth, is found in
over a hundred cathedrals and churches in Britain. Current theories
connect him with the Greek Dionysis. who was pictured with branches
protruding from his head or with Osiris whose portrait in the tomb
of Nefetari was painted in green. From south-west Yorkshire to
Plumpton park in Cumbria there are reports of Robin or Jack in the
green and is also known in Russia as green George.

There is an underlying belief of either gods creating the earth or
being created from it. The similarities from different religions and
faiths around our planet belonging to these different peoples are to
numerous to push aside.

Chakras (spinning centres/ disks) are made up of 7 key points
located within the human body, each point having unique properties
linked to internal energies (chi). These points begin at the base of
the spine and continue upwards to the top of the head. The Crown.

1 The root chakra. 2 The spleen chakra. 3 The solar plexus chakra. 4
The heart chakra. 5 The throat chakra. 6 The brow chakra. 7 The
crown chakra.

By meditating on these points in turn, beginning at the root chakra,
it is believed one can attain inner peace and ultimately
There are also external influences associated with the chakra
centres such as colours. As most people are aware colours can have a
profound influence on moods. The colours linked to the chakra
centres are. 1 red. 2 Orange. 3 Yellow. 4 Green. 5 Blue. 6 Indigo. 7
Violet (ultra violet).

Each chakra centre is also assigned a planetary equivalent
underlining the links between the celestial bodies in the heavens
and the energy centres with in the body. 1 Moon. 2 Mercury. 3 Venus.
4 Sun. 5 Mars. 6 Jupiter. 7 Saturn.

Could the Egyptian chakra points leading up to the Orion
configuration (Giza pyramids) represent the spine of Osiris and the
points leading to the Chinese pyramids be the spine of Pan Ku. This
in turn could mean that stone circles i.e.. chakra points across
Europe, the Mediterranean and the rest of the world represent the
back bones of the creator gods.

There are also trails that are located around the planet and are
incorporated in almost (if not all) religions. From the song paths
of the Aborigines to the pilgrim trails of Europe. These main chakra
points on Earth represent different planets. Each trail giving a map
of the solar system and each trail running along a ley line. The
whole idea of these chakra trail is a path of enlightenment.

Thankyou for your time,
Michael Seabrook.


Note : My previous account names ie borris, boris and uriel are nolonger valid. Sorry for any confussion this has caused.

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