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Hi all,

I was looking for information about the way the ancient Eqyptians used sound and I found some interesting statements on
this site


It appears that ancient Egypt's architects were quite sophisticated astronomers and 'sky travelers'. What is more,
the structures also have unique acoustical effects and according to the dimensions and design of the chambers,
powerful effects could be engineered with the use of certain sounds and music within the temples.
During my first visit to Abydos, Egypt in 1987, I was struck by the "aliveness" of the temple stones as we were chanting it seemed as if the stones were singing back to us in waves of symbiotic sound.
Dr. Jim Hurtak, author and scholar of ancient Hebrew texts, calls the Egyptian pyramids voice-activated geophysical computers.



This mysterious mirroring effect between earth and sky becomes even more amazing. In 1992, I pursued a deeper study of sound medicine and found startling correlations between human physical and emotional health and the patterns of sound frequencies of the voice. The vocal patterns (found through Voice Spectrum Analysis) also are found to mirror the individual's planetary and star patterns at the time of birth. The NASA recordings of the sounds of the planets (available through the Smithsonian Institute), demonstrate the unique "songs" of our solar system. Are these celestial songs singing us? After analyzing the sound patterns in thousands of people in England, Mexico and in the US, I feel we have discovered a profound link that the ancient Egyptians were alluding to when they inscribed the following on the Dendera temple wall: The sky and its stars make music in you.

This does concur with my suspicion/speculation that the ancient Eqyptian cubit might have an acoustical origin.
The cubit being around 20.62 inches (52.37 cm) is the wavelength of the E-tone (659.26 hz) at 25-26 degrees centigrade.

Now wavelengths of sound vary slightly depending on atmospheric circumstances and temperature.
The wavelengths of the E-tone vary from 20.37 inches at 18 degrees to 20.72 at 28 degrees (assuming constant air-density and hummidity).
This could very well account for the differences between cubits in various buildings.

Any thoughts?

From one of Fuzzy's threads in march 2001 I take it that Dr. Hurtak has no real credibility on this board.

To much detail adds to confusion, not to clarity

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