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Hello Claude and Mark,

I would have to respectfully disagree with Mark. Catharism was one of the dominant religions in south-central France, and stretched all the way to modern day Bulgaria, cutting a wide swath through modern day Italy and parts of Germany. The Catholic Church murdered hundreds of thousands of them in the inquisition against Gnostics. Talisman the book is quite clear about this too. Please visit the following link for more info:


Cathars were hardcore believers of Reincarnation - their entire cosmology is based around it.

In addition, Catharism cannot be put in the same bucket as Zoroastranism and Jainism. Zarathustra started Zoroastranism in Persia (modern-day Iran), and they had to flee the region around 1000 CE because of persecution by radical Islamists. Their descendents live today in the west coast of India, call themselves Parsis, and still worship in their traditional Fire-Temples.

Jainism started around around 600 BC by Mahavira Jain in India, and has a large following to this day. Some of their temples in Gujarat State are breathtakingly beautiful, called "lace-marble" temples, where they carved marble in patterns to resemble lace when the sun shines through finely sliced marble...

Their beliefs were quite different, given the wide historical and geographical space. What struck me was the similarity in core beliefs, which points to a mystery.


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