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the ancient name of Black Sea was AQUANOS Atlantioi..also knowed as
Akshena"the dark one",Boreie Thalassa-"the sea of Atlas from Hiperboreea"
-at Herodotus-......Letosow"sea of Atlas"in celtic mithology,Exinus,Aexinus,
Pontus Euxin,Ekey Pelagos,Thalahasse....was a fresh water lake,flooded in
5508 B.C. by the salty mediteranean Sea-"the Noah's Flood" .
For romanians year 5508 B.C. is year 1(one)...we have historical ancient and
medieval documents with this paralel counting sistem of years...
2005 in fact for us ..7513..2005+5508=7513 !!
the mountain of Atlas is OMU peak from Bucegi mountains near to Olt river ,
also knowed as Atlas ,Lethe,Alutus,Aruda,Arethusa....
the pillars of Hercules is the Danube gorge at the mouth of S-W romanian river
Cerna(also knowed as Acheron,Charon,Geryon)...
Plato said "the capitoll of Atlantis was flooded 5000(FIVE !!!)before Solon(600 B.C.)"
He used the greek numeral PENNE(5-FIVE),not ENNE(9-nine)!!!!!!
The cold war is over pay attention to Eastern Europe.....because you know
nothing about it....
the capitoll of Atlantis was the city of TULCEA(Tul"atlas"+CEA"land")at the
Danube Delta....
Atlantis in Atalntic Ocean...when are you gonna wake up ????

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