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The Shabaka Stone and the Unification of Egypt.

Geb appoints Heru who is the firstborn Son of his Son.

Geb's words to the Nine Neteru: "To the son of my son, Heru, the Jackal of Upper Chem --- Geb's words to the Nine Neteru: "The firstborn, Heru, the Opener-of-the-ways." Geb's words to the Nine Neteru: "The son who was born --- Heru, on the Birthday of the Opener-of-the-ways."

He is the uniter of this land, proclaimed in the great name: Ta-tenen, South-of-his-Wall,

Seth and Heru are united in the House of Ptah the "balance of the two lands, Upper and Lower Khem.

This is the land ------the burial of Ausar in the House of Sokar

He entered the hidden portals in the glory of the lords of eternity]. -------. [Thus Ausar came into] the earth at the royal fortress, to the north of [the land to which he had come. And his son Heru arose as king of Upper Chem, arose as king of Lower Chem, in the embrace of his father Ausar and of the gods in front of him and behind him.]

Ptah-Nun, the father who [made] Atum.
Ptah-Naunet, the mother who bore Atum.

Thus it is said of Ptah: "He who made all and created the gods." And he is Ta-tenen, who gave birth to the gods,

Auset)Isis and Nebt-het)Nephthys looked out, beheld him, and attended to him. Heru quickly commanded Auset and Nebt-het to grasp Ausar and prevent his drowning (i.e., submerging). They heeded in time and brought him to land. He entered the hidden portals in the glory of the lords of eternity, in the steps of him who rises in the horizon, on the ways of Re the Great Throne. He entered the palace and joined the gods of Ta-tenen Ptah, lord of years.

Thus Ausar came into the earth at the Royal Fortress, to the north of the land to which he had come. his son Heru arose as king of Upper Chem, arose as king of Lower Chem,

Nine Gods = Nine Neteru
Thoth = Tehuti
Egypt = Chem, Kemet
Horus = Heru, Hru
Osiris = Ausar, Asr
Nephthys = Nebt-Het
Isis = Auset, Ast

Geb says to the nine gods, to the son of my son, Her)Horus. So Gebs son is Ausar,Osiris. He also calls him the Jackal of upper Khem which also relates to Seth. Heru)Horus is the "opener of the ways" or in other words, the constitution of the unification of Egypt. Heru was in Lower Egypt with Isis trying to save their father from drowning.

It is interesting that they also state that "they heeded in time" meaning the "Survival of Osiris" which contradicts his death by Seth and being scattered into 14 pieces. The pieces must mean the takeover of Memphis and Lower Egypt's 14 nomes that Seth took over, symbolic of the Narmer Palette and the unification of Egypt.

We see that Osiris went into the "hidden portals" which obviously means the "Halls to Amenti" and can also be verified by Osiris taking the "STEPS" of him who rises in the horizon-Ra the Sun or Sirius to the East which sets in the West symbolizing the way to Amenti, the Westward lands/path, or where the Gods of "TA-TENEN reign. In the Glory of the Lords of eternity would mean either a temple entrance, or more specificaly, a Pyramid descent into the tunnels as we know.

TA-TENEN is strangely close to AT-LANTIS.

Generally, as we see in many Egyptian to Greek translations, which is why I post their Egyptian/Greek names, that there really wasn't much difference between the words other than their true meaning which in case resulted in a more different Greek translation. Generally, the languages were more or less "similiar". The main reason for this is because of the Egyptian Pharaohs colonizing Greece around 2000 bC where we see kings like Ptolemy or Apis there.

In my previous post on the 19th nome of the Royal Child we saw how Djanet translated to TANIS, another word close to ATLANTIS.

The T being common to Dj. Sort of like ADjlanDJet. Again TA-TENEN sort of as DJ-DJanen.

It seems that this backbone piece of Ptah known as Djet was also a backbone to Atlantis or Ta-Tenen where the Gods of Ptah first ruled.

Notice also that Thoth is called Te-huti referring to his descent from TA-Tenen or Atlantis.

We aksi see that Ausar )Osiris, went back home to his Royal Fortress, NORTH of the land "WHICH HE HAD COME" or, where he was born.

Atalante and myself have discussed this Fortress in the westward lands which Atalante linked also as the Fortress of GEB, the father of Osiris.

Though it is but an idea, we may finally know the Egyptian name of Atlantis as TA-TENEN.

We also see the early rise of the Cobra Goddess Wadjet or "Protector of the Papyrus" (Atalantes grass regions) which later became symbolic to the titles and rituals of the Resne-Priests of Memphis and Wedjahor-Resne, the MAIN PRIEST who was granted the preservation of the Temple of Neith and Memphis by King Darius of Perseopolis.

We could even relate Wadjet to ATHENA who also protected Kings such as Zeus.

Now we need to balance the scales of Anubis with the two Ostrich feathers of Djet that match, or the True Twins.

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