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Scribed by; [R] Riven- The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis. [R]

Oceania Topografia.

February 10th/ 2005 aD (anno Domini) years of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God.

For one to Sail the Seas of Ulysses the masters of Poseidon would have to be summoned. Only with true craftsmanship can we steer a true path to our destiny without the discord of the Zephyr winds that would entrap us in the Nile Delta and Cyprus. Only the strong in mind could surpass the taunting of Sirens far on the Ocean rocks, jutting from their perch of temptation leading us to be devoured by Gorgons. The true path to the lost kingdom of Atlantis is one of many turns and deceptions, brought on by our own perceptions of logic and hidden in the many faces of myths and structures weary with time that has surpassed us for 2575 years since it became known to the world…Riven

The Ocean Atlantica opened up to us some 75,000,000 years ago from the great split of the EurAfrican and American Continental pressures. In the form of a Great Ravine some 3-5,000 miles deep into the bowels of Earth. Slowly the waters filled adding more weight and erosion to the infant Atlantica and fermented from methane gas and molten heat that provided the primordial mist of life for mankind in the form of single celled organisms that evolved into amphibians that first crawled out of the water and onto land. We only need to look at the history of the Whale to see the advent of the first Ocean mammals that developed lungs and walked upon the Earth some 35 million years ago.

By 35 million bC, the Atlantic continents, at a probable rate of 2 cm per year, reached their halfway point from where they remain to this day. It is with reason that we could consider that other pieces of land were left behind from this split in the form of Islands, such as Greenland, Iceland, Thule, Britain, Ireland and the greatest Island of all, the Fatherland of Nations, Atlantis, the Sub-Continental Island of Paradise, in it’s earliest forms soon to be trod upon by the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons of the common root stock of today’s generations some 250-500,000 years ago. 5,000,000 years ago traces of the earliest humans are found in Aetiopian(Ethiopia) Africa or her ancient name Avila which became Afika and later the former. Here, we can trace MTDNA (mitochondrial DNA ) roots to around 150,000 bC. The common ancestor reserved and only passed by the Matriarchetypical mother known as Eve according to The Bible.

Lake Victoria or the route along the Old Niger West to the land of Cano near Mali are two of the most prominent regions to exemplify the true location for the mystical Garden of Eden, home to Adam and Eve, so commonly thought to lie near the Euphrates or the land of Paleolithic Enyans who gave rise to Cannan and Edennic names that scholars attributed to The Bibles origins around 450 bC.

The Pishon and Gihon were in fact the Nile and Blue Nile which encompassed the true land of Gold known as Nub to the Egyptians or the land of Kush. The early tribes who commonly used the letter H such as the Hyksos, Hittites and Hebrews adapted this into their idea of Eden and knowing the ancient name of Africa as Avila, they sought to disguise the true word with their cultures as the new “HavilaH” or Garden of Eden to conform to their ethical beliefs.

This was brought upon by the confusion of mankind’s languages that resulted in the Tower of Babel to be built in Babylon and the ignorance of the onset of mankind that resulted from the last Ice Age circa 10,000 bC and the disappearance of western Atlantic cultures that were forced inward to the lands upon Tyrrhenia , Greece, Crete and the Cyclades. Later, around 6482 bC, the Great Flood pushed them even further upon the shores of Palestine and erased those in the Black Sea area known as the Euxine in Antiquity. This can truly be designated the “meeting place of all civilizations” and nothing further. The Advent of the earlier Pakistani and Indonesian cultures making their progress from south-east Asia towards the Red Sea is evidence of this which also they were known as the most populace peoples in the times of Herodotus. Not only that, but the Magdelanian cultures of Europe had already left behind their primordial Eve known to us today as the Venus of Willendorf dated to around 35,000 bC found in Europe, later to be adapted by the Tarxiens of Malta and their big-butted Goddess far before the rise of Syrio-Palestine or even the Akkadian / Sumer peoples for the matter of 4000 bC.

The Cro-Magnons were known for their thinking capabilities as the Neanderthals were known for their Craftsmanship and brute Strength. The inter-breeding (disagreed by most scholars) of these two nations became the hybrid for the new and powerful Titans to first roam the virgin lands of Atlantis. The Neanderthals would later establish their base on land north-west from Ireland which is now under water and evolve into the Cimmerian cultures over time that reached the Yellow land of Mongolia and China.

By 40,000 bC, Europe was swarming with Basque and Magdelanian cultures lifting great Stones such as Stonehenge in Avebury, England, and Dolmens common to the Alentejo regions of Portugal where the Seat of Saturn (Kronos) can be found sunken of the north-western Shores of Portugal in the Atlantic. The highly advanced microlithic Aterian and Azilian cultures swarmed southern Iberian and Libyan African northern shores . Towards the Niger they were the Alatas and later GuAlata Tribes who bordered on the mysterious Richat Structure with it’s circular rings and the Astronomical mystics known as the Dogones and their magical lake of Amphibian Aliens. Towards Algeria Tunisia they became the Atalantes cultures where the highly prized grass used to make papyrus and the tools for knowledge and writing arose from in the form of Thoth and his early Qadan cultures around 12,000 bC that migrated to Egypt. Here we find the legendary Lake Tritonis and the now evaporated Tunisian promontory land bridge crossing that provided the way for elephant bones to be found on the soils of Malta and giving rise to her gigantja temples from 5000 bC as the first true forms of stone architecture prior to the Egyptians or the Babylonian Tower of Babel Ziggurat.

Here, the Great Atlantean King Atlas and his sons embarked onward to Crete , Peloponnesia and the Gulf of Atranto, Italy from their Lake Tritonis Garrison establishment that aided in the control of the Mediterranean, later to establish another Garrison in the Gulf of Atranto. His daughter Athena, the Libyan foundress of Hellenic Greece would stop over on Crete where she was adopted by Zeus, the Cretean King who later married Hera from the Peloponnese and Athena would go on to found Athens, Greece from her affair with Hephaistos the Vulcan of Italy. The Greeks would later return to search their roots and colonize the land of Cyrene on the Hesperidean shores of Algeria, Tunisia around 700 bC.

Athenas great mother Neith would go on to Egypt with Thoth and the Qadan cultures earlier around 12000 bC from the Atalantes regions or the westward lands known to the Egyptians as the lands of Amenti. The halls of Amenti where the Pharaohs descended from the Great Pyramid would lead to miles and miles of underground tunnel hallways that extended towards this region. The first wife of King Menes 3240 bC, was also named Neith and she became the common Mother of Lower Egypt and was associated with Maat or the Lakes of Maat that are reflected in the Lake Tritonis, Lake Trichonis, and Lake of Maat in the Temple of Karnak.

A common mistake that is overlooked by most Atlantis researchers are the simple questions of;

1) Who exactly was it that controlled the Tyrrhenians of Italy?
2 )When were the countries liberated?

The answer can only lie in two scenarios, one that it was definitely before 2000 bC in terms of liberation as we see great cities such as Knossos and Argos arising here and the Egyptians controlled by King Menes in 3240 bC who unified Egypt and established Memphis and Sais and Buto, the daughters of his wife Neith. We know the Etruscans were in control around 1100 bC and later paid tribute to the mighty Carthage as the main western seaforce around 800 bC. This was also the same time as the Phoenician migrations from Tyre and Byblos that founded Gades, Spain and many other trading posts around the Mediterranean. But the Phoenicians posed no threat to others and were welcome guests. It is of my personal belief as it was of Herodotus that the Phoenicians migrated from the Erythranaean Indian Ocean coastlines into the Red Sea and to the lands of Syria. Perhaps descendents from Polyponnesia and Socotra Island which we could also make reference to the land of Punt, mystified by Egyptians.

Great Ships of Poseidon

Since the early advent of man we have witnessed tales of cultures that were crossing Oceans in Polynesian paradises circa 60,000 bC , even to the land down under known as Australia we can find evidence of Shipwrecked sailors around 2000 bC as far from the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Boats or Floating Crafts we could safely say they were in use 100,000 bC, Ships can generally appear on the scene as far as 4000 bC. By 3100 bC the Egyptians set Sails on their Ships and transported Cedar and fine products of riches and incence to and fro the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Nile and Mediterranean. By 800 bC, the Phoenicians built the fastest and sleekest of Sea Vessels. This leads us to another field of research known as Thalassocrasies or those Seafaring nations who ruled the Mediterranean.

In 3500 bC, upon the discovery of the Gebel-el-Arak Knife in Egypt, we find carved in Ivory the early invasions that describe the Long Haired Maxyan Libyans of Herodotus and the familiar Etruscan/Malta cultures upon the shores of the Egyptian Nile Delta.
Most Scholars would attribute this to be Sumerians or Hyksos but this we will find to be inadequate for the Ship that is shown here is not of any known cultures except 3 that tie in closely. The main feature of the Long Brow Ship and most distinct is to be found on the Stern of the Ship which is that of a Dragon Claw holding an Orb, or most likely, the highly worshipped “Primordial Egg” of many cultures.

We find only two such examples of this Ship in the Annals of Time so far. One, is a picture of a Roman Ship from an earlier time hanging on the wall of a restaurant in Italy that clearly shows the Dragon Claw. The other is the stunning discovery that I made on the famous “Phaistos/Phaestus Disk discovered and dated to around 1600 bC in Crete that also has this Ship scribed on it.

This region of Crete transpires what is known as the Great Mesara Plain or where we find the powerful Seafaring traders from the great cities of Phaestus and Aghia Triada, friends of the mysterious Tarxien )Tarshin\Tarshish cultures on Malta and it’s prehistoric temples dating to 5000 bC .These cultures also traded with the earlier Etruscan\Atranto Italians and the Hera cults worshipped on the Peloponnese and also influenced the Ionian Carian shores and the rise of Troy.

It is commonly known the similiarities of Egyptian influence in many cultures from 2000 bC and onwards when they first initiated subjugations of countries and how closely Crete and Egypt were companions through time. If we consider that the Atlantis story tells us that Athena/Neith founded Athens a 1000 years before the Egyptians in 9600 bC, then it leads me to proclaim that the Creteans and early Tarxien cultures of Malta were the influencers of Egypt and contributors to the success of Egypt in terms of Shipbuilding and Stone structures. There is no greater Palace than that of Knossos for Architectural achievements in the annals of time other than the extinct Labyrinth of the Lake Moeris region said to be a true wonder of the world but sadly, like Atlantis, also vanished. Later, the Temple of Karnak would be the contributing factor to the Pharaohs of Egypt which reflects the Atlantean Kings appending to the Palace of Poseidon in like manner.

The legend of Atlantis.

The story of Atlantis as we know today comes to us from the preservation of the Latin Scribe Chalcidius who working from Plato’s Greek text written ca. 360 bC, copied it around 400 aD.

Plato had preserved this story from his great uncle Solon, the Greek Statesman who traveled to Egypt in 570 bC at the time of the Libyan Pharaoh Amassis. The elderly Egyptian Priest, knowing that the end of Egypt was near finally revealed that 9000 years prior to his time, that the Mediterranean upto Tyrrhenia, Italy and the borders of Egypt were controlled by a vast empire known as Atlantis. The Egyptians along with the Greeks, Phrygians, Ionians, and Carians, battled Atlantis around 3450 bC , whereupon the Greeks were but the few remaining after the long hard war that finally ended when the battlegrounds sank from an earthquake freeing all the countries under her control.

The city of Atlantis was originally ruled by King Evanor and his wife Leucippe, whom they gave birth to a daughter named Cleito. Cleito would later give birth to 5 Twins who would control the entire Mediterranean .

I have translated their founders to mean;

Evanor ) Primeval first born
Leucippe ) Grove of White Horses or Spartan surname
Cleito ) Emperors favorite

The word Atlantis I have translated to mean Fatherland based on the etymological root AT related to the word Father which was It in Egytian, Patra, Atta, in Greek/Latin , Aita in Basque
The word Atlantis translated from Basque by breaking it up into syllables At-la-an-ti-is.
"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

We can also relate the root ATE from the ancient Greeks as a ruined place or ruined land to conform with Atlantis.

The Ten Kings translated by myself with the guidance of Atalante and their Mediterranean rule are;

Atlas ) fatherson, raiser of the Sky >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nw Africa/ Aterians /Berbers
Gadeiros ) Green body of Rivers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iberia / Basques /Celtics
Ampheres ) to rest at both sides >>>>>>>>>>>>> Tyrhennia / Etruscans /Appennines
Evaemon ) fortunate woman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Algeria / Tunisia / Atalantes
Mneseus ) memory of a great warrior/God>>>>>>>>>>Crete/(Minoans/ Amnisus
Autochthon )earthborn, native to the land>>>>>> /Hellenas/ Cyclades/ Peloponnesia
Elassipus )horse riding/rulers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anatolia / Caria/ Ionia/Ephaesus
Mestor )NNE wind, suitor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tyre/Byblos/Phoenicia
Azaes )heat or Ashened one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mauretania/ Azaes/Azamor/Alata
Diaprepes ) relating to God/distinguished>>>>>>>>>>Egypt/ Nubia/ Aetiopia

Zeus unchains the feet of Poseidon

The Fall of Atlantis is commonly attributed to the words of Plato telling us that in a single day and night there was a mighty earthquake and Atlantis fell blocking the passage through the Straites of Gibraltar. It is said in the scripts that Atlantis sank around the 3rd deluge prior to Deukalion’s flood around 1450 bC or around 6000 bC also.

This may be so, but it is my belief that we are talking of two distinct time eras here.
1) The final sinking of Atlantis which blocked the Straites around 6482 bC.

2) The battle of Atlantis where the actual earthquake and ground saturation swallowed the brave warriors around 3450 bC relating to the Gebel-el-Arak knife and Narmer Tablet from pre-dynastic Egypt..

The legend of Atlantis spans a time from it’s birth of civilizations (40,000 bC) before Ships were even heard of (prior to 4000 bC) and transpires into the Bronze age where the final battle was fought. Thus we can see the reason for triremes, chariots and metal weapons and shields, irrigation canals, aquaducts and a description that rivals that of Crete where Bull worship was also common as they also were sea crafters.

For an Earthquake to destroy a Sub-Continental island, this would seem quite inconsistent to it’s size. Atlantis had several main contributing factors to it’s extinction in the Atlantic Ocean. Teuctonic plate pressures, methane gas, transform fractures, tsunamis, earthquakes and Asteroidal objects that fell upon her. One larger Asteroid initially around 60-80,000 bC underneath Iceland and the latter falling on the Tore Seamount at a more direct hit near the Atlantean city of Atlantis in the Ampheres/ Gettysburg Seamounts around 6482 bC.

I arrived to this conclusion based on many factors such as:
1) The Eye of Ra myth of destruction that led to the ecliptical alignment of planets on November 1st, 21:00 hrs, 6482 bC.
2) Mt. Vesuvius and Mt Hekla eruptions.
3) The opening of the Bosphorous Straites from the swollen Mediterranean
4) The final stages of melted ice from the Ice Age.
5) The difference between Lunar Chaldean /Greek cycles and Egyptian Sun Cycles.
6) =345 years per 1000 x 9=3105 years less 9600 bC=6495 bC as a logical explanation for any possible mistranslation between Solon and The Egyptian Script.

In search of the Sacred Registers of Sais

The legend of Atlantis was preserved not only on the walls of the Temple of Neith but also and foremost in the Sacred Registers held there and studied by the Resne-Priests of Sais and Buto. Commonly we ascribe that it was either Psonchis or Patheneit who were the elderly candidates to have related the story to Solon, but also we find one of the foremost scripts that I have discovered to date that sheds some light on just where those Sacred Registers may be. This story can be found in the rare tale of Wedjahor-Resne, a Priest and Navy Admiral who also once served Amasis, and thanks to him and the respect of the foreign Kings, he managed to save the purity of Sais and it’s temples. At this time this leads me to a sneaky suspicion that the Conquests of Alexander the Great and the Roman Catholic church could be suspects in it’s possession and their quest to rewrite history that was copied by the Byzantine Turks and Persians.

Wedjahor-resne departed into the halls of Amenti around 515 bC.

In the reign of Psammetichus III, Pharaoh of Egypt, the Persian King Cambyses subjugated Egypt. Later King Darius took over Memphis and saw to it that the Temple of Neith and Memphis were to be restored to Wedjahor-Resne and allowed his return home.

A statue, now also in possession of the Vatican of Wedjahor-Resne is inscribed with the description of his story.

Even though Sais to this day lies in ruins, we still have hope for the Sacred Registers if we can ever pry them from the hands of Greed such as many other great works are “mysteriously lost” throughout history.

The Sails of Sirius.

Many people often dismiss the directions provided by Plato and set their Sails to the star of Sirius hoping for a Cyprus location or Indonesian location of Atlantis somewhere easterly.
Not only is this erroneously collaborated but also not in conjunction with etymological root words derived from At which was more predominant on the Western Central coastlines of Europe and Africa where upon research will fall into your lap.

In 800 bC the famous author Homer had already outlined the Western world as did Carthage and the Phoenician town of Gades. Herodotus in 460 bC had already told us of the pillars of Hercules at the entrance to the Mediterranean as we also see in the works of the Wine loving poet, Anacreon, 570 bC who told us West to Gades, or East to Bactria.

Herodotus even drew a westward route of the river Niger to Mali from the Nile near Thebes, now evaporated and covered in Sand.

So clearly, as it was also related, to be true and factual by Critias, we can verify that they definitely knew what direction they were sailing to.
Below the Atlantic or at the exit of the Red Sea, we also know that it was called the Erythranaen Ocean or Indian Ocean which also would have been clearly stated in the texts. The Black Sea was known as the Euxine Sea.

There was no major movement of continents or earthshifts for the matter to give such just cause as to elaborate America or S.America as the location for Atlantis because the Mediterranean would have been impossible to control from such a great distance.

A prime example is when Kings such as Darius were busy invading other foreign countries, the countries he already subjugated such as the Phrygians, Egyptians, revolted from his siege the first chance they had!

That my friends is not why we should set our Sails towards Sirius.

The Light of O, Orichalcum and the Lions Mane.

The Atlantean Kings were said to have founded the Temple of Poseidon where they “first saw the light”.

This alone exemplifies the religious belief of Atlanteans as also a sun worshiping culture similar to Ra and Atum of the Egyptian Dynasties. The Atlantean Royal city was also surrounded by rings of land and water which would be probable to account for 7 walls from the first outer zone to the Temple wall in the center. The rings of course would symbolize not only harmony and balance and the alpha and omega, but also a belief into the Sacred “O” commonly found in many cultures and as far as Tibetan monks humming Ommm. The Narmer Tablet and many other Egyptian palettes also patternized this O in the form of Twin Chimearas/ Lions. The O not only signified the planets and sun as well but also the expression of great awe or reverance. Osiris is a prime example of the Sacred O.

Such as we see in the Egyptian God PTAH or AH, the great primordial God found in many religions such as AHurmazda, JehovAH, allAH, or another expression of reverance and also we see the 7 rings of circular walls that the Persian city of Ecbatana also reflected to mirror Atlantis by the Medes cultures who retained this wisdom from Sais.

Since my recent discovery of the two additional harbours ahead of the Atlantean Royal city of Atlantis that contributed to the meaning of the land being broken up into rings, this has also shed some new ideas on Atlantean worship and the symbol of O.

The Royal City of Atlantis was the primordial hill or the O of the Atlanteans. The Ovarian Egg of Life.

The Harbour on either side with the Canal in the middle was the representation of the mighty Phallus and it’s testicles that fertilized the primordial egg, which also was worshipped by many cultures, which also reflected the growth of Atlantis through her Canal and the rise of many civilizations to be born from her womb.

The Atlanteans also worshipped the fiery red glow of Orichalcum which they coated their temples and pillars and walls. This, like many cultures after them like the Egyptians who also painted their pillars Red, as some scholars like to think in reflection of the Cedar Trees in Lebanon, was the blood of life and burning desire for their Gods. This red color was also utilized from the famous Dragon Blood tree that dates back to some 35 million years ago as well that was used in ritual makeup or cosmetics.

Orichalcum was an extremely rare precious metal that most people today are still unsure of its composition. I have found the earliest form of this word used by the Etruscans circa 800 bC referred to as Araklum which was said to have covered the Sceptre of Gordos, most likely a Phrygian King of that time. I would definitely say that given the antiquity of Electrum and it’s prized use in many artifacts as far as the analogies of Alchemical mystics permit, that it was one of the main ingredients in the development of this precious metal. For this metal to remain in the shiny fiery state that the ancients describe, and be protected from the elements, I would also like to clarify the possibility of the highly sought Amber as a resin to apply protective coating and heightened luster.

The Lion, being the fiercest animal to roam the savannahs of Atlantis, was also the ruler of the Heavens as well in the Astrological time of 10,000 bC. Later, into the Bronze age, Taurus the Bull would be the sky ruler as we clearly see from the reflections of many cultures around that time. The Egyptians, Etruscans and Mycenaeans were all Lion worshipers who also preserved traditions brought on by the lost Atlanteans. Again the twins are also reflected in their bloodlines here with Agamemnon and Menelaus who conquered Troy around 1200 bC.

Deukalion, the Greek King around 1500 bC had in his name a very significant meaning combined of two words that predominated many cultural Kings Lists that can be found in Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria, Perseopolois and the Guanche Kings of the Canary islands who later became distraught and insane from the loss of Atlantis.

Deuka as we know means 10 in Greek and Lion would King.

10 Lion Kings carried on from the tradition of Atlantean Control.

To this day I have also found what I like to call the Sceptre of Ampheres which was found in an early Etruscan Tomb. The Sceptre is a magnificient golden electrum design with a Dragon eating it’s tale as the handle and 10 lions flowing down the shaft. Worthy of the noted craftsmanship of Hephaestus and the Etruscan artisans. There is also a sword that I have translated to mean “ A Kings ritual offering in commemoration”.

This can be viewed in my Tribes of Atlantis website at, in the mysterean link.

Riven –The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis, Dragon Prince lost in time.

My quest for Atlantis began upon my search in 2003 for my roots and Royal Bloodlines as told to me by my father Paulo, who passed away April 22, 1983 at the young age of 55 due to heart failure when I was 22. I was born on the island of Teiceira in Praia de Victoria on All Saints Day, November 1st, 1961 in the group of nine islands known as the Azores. I immigrated to Canada in August of 1965 and have yet to kiss the soil I was born from. My roots descend from the Atlantean, King Mneseus thru the noble house of Menestheus and finally to King Menes of Egypt who all, we are, the men of MN.

Being a Scorpio who’s curiosity cannot escape the unknown, the legend of Atlantis came to my attention and after seeing many forums and articles I decided to join the Atlantis Rising forums where most of my research is based in the pursuit of the Truth and nothing but the Truth so help me God. This is my passion, not my indulgence of debauchery or in any way to be misleading to the best of my knowledge.

I care not for the riches that Atlantis would bring me if I were to stand corrected and it became discovered based on my research. For as Solon also told Croesus, it is better to be remembered and die with dignity and praise than all the wealth the World has to offer.

That is my only wish, to let the people know the True story of Atlantis and that someday we too may see the light in our search of our past histories and not be refrained from us through greed and oppressions and suppresions.

My life is also gifted with the fortune of Gypsies and Psychic relatives in my past, such as my own mother who astonishly reads normal playing cards to this day to foretell accurate future premonitions. Since the early age of 6 I realized I had this gift to predict and would also experience “third eye” visions that would predict an upcoming event without my control. A near death experience also gifted me with the vision of the pure oval light and I saw myself ascending towards the light which was extremely bright like a welders glare, but did not harm your eyes. On my ascension I saw the wretched faces of the Grey shadows reaching out to me in agony and despair. A vision that I will carry with me till once again I pass thru the light, which I did not on my first visit.

When I was a child my strong faith and belief in my best friend at that time, Jesus Christ left me with an eternal gift from him because of the first picture I ever drew of him praying on the holy rock with the light glowing upon his sacred head. He granted me the gift of an Artist (portraits,scenery,fantasy) and the wisdom of the Kings of my past to think before I speak and to see what others cannot.

All my research that I have conducted progressed from my thought and evolved into convincing pieces of the puzzle that all fell into place afterwards and in no way is my work the copy of others, that is to say, other than to rewrite the story of Atlantis as near and precisely as Plato, Critias, Socrates, Hermocrates, Timaeus, Anaxagoras, Critias II, Dropides, Solon and the Wise Priest,Wedjahor-Resne, of Egypt related to us.

To this day, I feel that no other theorist has done so much for the Atlantis story and kept true their words of wisdom.

To this day, and every day, I thank my colleague Atalante, though I know him not other than a forum member who goes by that name. Thankyou, deeply my friend for your strength in our preservation of Truth.

God grant us all peace and forgiveness and eternity into the Light.

God grant us a safe passage to Atlantis.

[R] Riven-The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Altantis. [R]

The Dragon has Flown.

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