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I originally posted this in a thread that has been pushed back and it has received no response thus far, but I thought it was interesting enough to deserve its own thread anyway.

The Forgotten Method of Earthquake Prediction From the Ancient Ones
By Michael K. Lee

"I became interested in the ancient legends of Hawaii as a small boy. But the information of Hawaii's heroes, and gods would leave me unfulfilled. Generally a Kupuna or elder storyteller would answer my enquiries in a vague round about way that never shed any more light on the true meanings of these stories. It wasn't that they didn't know the answers to my questions. Rather the storytellers regarded the deeper meaning as an extension of their inner life force. To tell a person directly a hidden mystery was perceived as loosing part of one's life force, or mana (power), which one could never get back. This is part of Hawaii's cultural identity. Oral tradition here in Hawaii is more than just a story, but an extension of life, or death. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. No one would, or could, articulate these norms, and morays to me. I was taught in the Western tradition of knowledge and culture which left a large gap in my understanding of other cultural identities and traditions. My hope is to build a bridge of understanding between the past and the present indigenous cultures, and non indigenous cultures.

"The Kupuna, or elder storytellers always made me responsible for the story, and would keep telling me the answer to my questions could be found at the Bishop Museum. And they were right. So began a life long quest to find out the hidden meaning of some of these puzzling, and entertaining legends of Hawaii.

"In 1995 one revelation revealed a story about Kahunas or learned priests who could predict earthquakes, or volcanic eruption days, weeks before they actually took place. It was said that a Kahuna called Kilokilopoe (one who reads omens) could look up into the sky and see the omen which enabled them to make their calculations and predict earthquakes, as well as volcanic eruptions. The principle omen was? The volcano goddess Madame Pele in the sky. It was said, "Madame Pele could have intercourse with the stars as a result of this cosmic event a violent shaking of the earth could be noticed". Contradictory as it seemed at the time I couldn't reconcile how an earthbound goddess could also reside in the sky? The resolution to this query came unexpectedly in the form of a name. Not an ordinary name but a forgotten, sacred name. The sacred name of Madame Pele. This would provide the key to understanding the whole mystery.

"The name (Hina-i-ke-ahi) translates as "the-moon-in-flames" found in the Hawaiian creation chant known as the Kumulipo. I would witness the meaning of this name on May 15, 1995 in the early hours of the morning as I saw "Hina-i-ke-ahi" sink below the western horizon. I had witnessed a lunar eclipse whereby the moon took the orange glow of the earth's shadow making it appear that it was on fireas the sacred name of Madame Pele had described. Pele was also noticed during a solar eclipse which closed the ring of understanding when it was stated Pele had intercourse with the stars.

"After seeing this wonder I began to make calculations on my computer to try to use this method on a global scale. Using an astronomy program I made my calculations and presented them to my students back at school. I began writing dates, times and magnitudes on the blackboard. At first the students took this information as a joke, however one of my students warned a family member of the predicted quake one week before the quake actually occurred. I was 5 min off for that particular earthquake which I predicted for the island of Hawaii and the town of Hilo on Friday, May 5, 1995. I predicted another quake one week after and told the students that some of them would feel it in the early hours of Friday, May 12, 1995 which did take place at 2am on the island of Oahu in Ewa Beach. By now my students were in a state of shock.

"I have found after making over 70 predictions for earthqukes on a global scale over the past two years my accuracy rate has been 40 percent. This accomplished by observations of a lunar eclipse on an astronomy program. However the solar prediction method looks more promising with a current accuracy rate of 90 percent. This was demonstrated this past summer on August 15, 1996 when I wrote a letter to the President of Peru warning him of a pending earthquake 4 months in advance. The quake was a moderate 5.3 which hit Southern Peru on August 15, 1996.

"The current scientific community looks with a dim view on this method. They see it on the scientific fringe at best. Contacting such organizations and institutions as the United States Geological Survey, Geological Depts. in Hawaii, Japan and California has met with no interest. A popular TV show in the USA focused on this theory, and as word circulated in the general public more interest was created. Hopefully sufficient interest will be generated to make a serious study of this phenomena.

"Answering the question how do solar, and lunar, eclipses effect tectonic plates and fault zones throughout the world? The shadow of the moon is observed over the planet's subduction zones and faults. Using the historical data base of earthquakes that have been recorded in the past 2000 years, cycles of earthquakes in relationship to solar and lunar eclipses have been charted down to the minute. There are consistent patterns that show up. For example: In Feb. 26, 1979 a solar eclipse took place over Mt St Helens volcano in the Pacific Northwest, 15 months later it erupts.

"Mexico City had a lunar eclipse pass over on May 30, 1984; a littl;e over 15 months later, on September 19 1985 Mexico City is hit with a great earthquake. Ten years later, on May 10 1994, Northern Mexico is visited with a solar eclipse, and a little over 15 months later, on September 14 1995 Mexico City is visited with a great earthquake again.

"The same happened in the case of the New Madrid Fault in December 12, 1811 and the great Charleston Carolina quake on August 31 1866. In New Madrid a solar eclipse took place three months before the quake over Lakes Michigan and Lake Erie. These two lakes have a fault connection on the New Madrid Fault and they hold the key to understanding the New Madrid fault especially Lake Erie. On October 19, 1865 at 10:20am Charleston was visited by a solar eclipse; 10 months and 12 days later, on August 31 1866 the great quake hit.

"On July 20 1963, Anchorage Alaska was visited on that day by a solar eclipse. Eight months later a 9.1 earthquake strikes Anchorage leaving a path of devastation.

"What happens when a shadow moves over fault zones and subduction zones?

"To answer this question we must look at our solar system for the answer. The planets clostst to Earth do not have plate tectonics which are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Why? It is my hypothesis that to have plate tectonics you need to have four things present:

"The four rules of Eli concerning Planetary tectonics:

"1. A dynamic inner molten core and a molten upper mantle under which the planet or moon's outer crust rests on.

"2. In most cases a magnetic field covering the planetary body should also be present.

"3. At least two planetary bodies, or moons, or star like our sun; we will call them B (sun) or any other planet or moon and C (our moon) or any other planetary body or moon of sufficient size and gravitational force in orbit near or around planetary body A (Earth) or another planetary body or moon of significant size or gravitational force. What is sufficient size for a moon? The size of Europa is sufficient size and it meets the criterion above.

"4. The gravitational force of the planet, or moon, or star B and C will cause heat to rise under the crust of planet, or moon, A which causes the process of subduction to quicken through melting of the crust causing the stress on the plates which will cause the earthquakes or volcanic activity.

"This is what I believe causes plate tectonics and earthquakes and some volcanic eruptions."

So there it is. Interesting no? There is no mention of Kobe so it doesn't hold true for all quakes.

Interestingly enough there was a total solar eclipse on November 23 2003 that passed very close to the area so recently devastated by earthquake and tsunami.

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