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I was e-mailed this information today and thought I should pass it along since it seemed extremely interesting to this forum.

Satellite Discoveries New Releases:

New Project: Viewer Discoveries
Australia- Uluru/Ayers Rock Triangles
View large landform triangles near the Ayers Rock Park area in Australia found by Darlene Grymkoski. Let us know if you find any triangles or artificial features in any of the Earth Image Databases and we'll post your find here. Help us in our quest for archaeological discovery!

New Project: Possible Megalithic Ruin Areas
South American Megalithic Cityscape?
See image evidence of possible megalithic ruins in the South America/Brazil region. The evidence includes massive long lines, triangles, parallel lines and grid-like patterns in inaccessible areas. This new project will scan the globe on a quest for lost ruins of pre-history. -e-mail your finds to: Please place 'Viewer Discoveries Submission' in the e-mail Subject field.

Interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland
Will go into details about the ruins under investigation and comment on future new additions to this project.
Coming in May 2004
-Please watch the SD site for exact date and time.

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