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I posted in the 'Raindrops are falling on my....' thread about sand trench filling, but it may be simpler to add it here, as well. Here on the U.S. Atlantic coast, I have seen several hurricanes, and their aftermath. After a ONE DAY storm, I have seen quite large swimming pools entirely filled with beach sand. Wet sand, mind you, a bit heavier than dry, when it was moved. I acknowledge that a huirricane is a powerful storm, but one also has to acknowledge that gale force winds frequently occur in major desert sandstorms. To fill a depression 20ftx60ftx9ft deep in 24-36 hour's time, should give some idea of how quickly the Sphinx enclosure could fill, if not MAINTAINED, which is a major point.

During the U.S. 'dustbowl days' of the 1920's and 30's, there were one story abandoned farmhouses that were completely covered by sand/dust after the passage of several months. Or view the images from the invasion of Iraq last year, when the forces had to stop their advance due to a major sandstorm. After the storm passed, the vehicles were 'duned up' with sand drifts of 2 to 3 feet against them, after only a couple of days of sanstorm. As I said in the other post, I believe that the enclosure being filled with in a decade is quite reasonable.

You may be more concerned about current weathering, and preserving the monument, but we all have a great interest in knowing how old/who built it; if older than orthodox claims, then there is a re-writing of history to be done. This, I think, is the cause of the partisanship in this debate; both alternative and orthidox camps have staked positions, with the orthodox having, IMO, the greatest vested interest in STATUS QUO. I know there are relatively open minds on both sides, but the tendency is toward partisanship. Ugh!

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