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Hi Goro,

> > On the actual “design” of the rivers I’m wondering why the
> > mouth of the Euphrates/Tigris is the end-latitude marker and
> > for the Nile it is the Giza necropolis. It seems to me that
> > it makes sense not to use the mouth of the river as part of
> > the Time-River’s boundaries as this will certainly move as we
> > all know from Underworld.
> Speaking of the 'underworld', that 30N latitude of Giza and
> the mouth is what I considered to be where 'time' enters the
> 'underworld' represented by the Tigris-Euphrates. The
> timestresm makes a big jump' from the Nile to the
> Tigris-Euphrates. And this signifies the resurrection fof
> Osiris. It's no coincidence that the 'opening of the MOUTH'
> is a key ritual associated with the Osiran resurrection in
> ancient Egypt. The 30th parallel is indeed where the MOUTHS
> of the Nile and the Tigiris-Euphrates OPEN, and it is marked
> by the 'tomb of Osiris' that is Giza, from which 'Osiris' is
> resurrected.

mmmme, that wasn't v. clear in my post. What I meant was for the Tigris/Euphrates you use the actual mouth of the rivers, wheras with the Nile you nearly use the mouth but not quite. From your maps I would put the mouth 1 or 2, maybe 3 degrees further North. It seem a little inconsistent, or not?


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