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Reply to Stephen Taylor,
re 'message' in the waters.. My overlay..yes, overlays as is Goroish, are distinctly 'different' than his, but aside from being timelines , they are more easily accessible to understanding, being in the nature of naturalistic 'pictures'.
And in the pictures, especially when seen through the eyes of myth, is a message profound.
The overlay I refer to here is to be found in GH archives, that black box of our frozen utterances..simply 'search all(as it's old, 14 dec 02).. and 'all words'.. and all dates'.
This gets you a list of messages, of our concern is number 29..called"well of worms, i think.. by Don Barone for me..
It shows
the two lions(Aker-lion), symetrically set at each side, looking at the horizon, at a 'lambskin' or golden fleece(It is sited over the SUN/MOON ' globe or DISC of the ATEN, at centre.
This is why coats of royal arms have lions..they flank the 'word' at centre, the lamb'as it were slain' cut into quarters.. on a pole, if you build the centre pyramid as seen from above, and balance it on a phallic like round tipped rod..the circle in the square at centre.
Taking the solar as above horizon, and it's complement, moon, as below horizon..makes it a 'gold and silver globe' and death..male and female unity of extremes about a central balance point..which, is Buddhism..the middle way between extremes.
The 'fish/pillar scorpion are in the middle column reading down..this trinity is seen in lots of ancient ruling seals etc.see diagrams about this pix.
The fish is in the sky pillar of 'shu'.. a blue 'doorway'.
The scorpion is lunar, deadly, in the pit of shadow, beneath.
NOW turn upside down.. the scorpion turns into a bird /eagle, landing on it's nest on the mountain top(In Astrology, the scorpio can turn into the eagle)
From being a bird of shadow, it is now a bird of, Raven and Dove of Noah's ark..remember that the dove gets a branch to show the deluge is over.. this white bird here, has two olive trees in it's talons.(These 2 trees are clearly visible when this pix is upright..2 trees on each side of a river of clean water..
OK, The bird feeds the lamb in it's nest to it's young. This happens in nature, as do the lions, and trees with their roots in the underworld..see the tree in 'ALICE '.
and S.King's 'Insomnia".
What is evident is that in turning down on a real map, to land this bird on the moon(The Eagle haslanded!).. takes this map down over Abyssinia, the abyss.. EthIOpia..where it marks a round ridged mountain, and thence a square chasm, at the headwaters of the Nile.. great root chakra site for tombs in secret, non?
Yes, this is the map to the ARCHIVES, (to be found, according to Cayce, "between the paws of the sphinx/lions and the sun".
As it is here..sun and lions and bird's beak eating Prometheus, and all.

Centring the centre of the Template on the square valley with Nile through it, and folding up again, places the spearpoint/phallus of Osiris glans.. in the middle of the Red Sea.. and if you build a real water filled pyramid, as in the 'blueprint' at the centre.. the balance point actually makes land, an island in a sea of glass.. with a rainbow over it.. in the middle of the red sea this could be /probably is.. Aaron's rod, a phallus artificial of Osiris, drawn from nowhere(lunar) by the creatrix give birth to the next HORUS king of all the lost(hidden) Tribes.
So yes, a message, an ejaculation, a spear to kill Rahab in the red sea.And the Archives, squirriled away 'for a rainy day!)..and the fountain is the rain, is the efflux of Osiris.. is the water Moses drew from a rock with Aaron's Rod.. the unbreakable rod of iron, the cosmic axis..Os.. bone.. Osiri's backbone..
so indeed this is a message.

To see the first 2 of 4 maps discussed here, go to google search, on

Good fishing, waterstone

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