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Anthony Taylor wrote:

> Hi Goro,
> interesting stuff your time river! It has left me wondering
> about a few things though, maybe you could share your
> thoughts….

Yeah, no problem! :)

> The most convincing backing for your theory is for me the
> historical/mythical stuff.

Really? To me the most striking thing is the overlay interaction because it's not interpretative - i.e. it is what it is. But I guess because 'The Nile Decoded' presented just one overlay interaction (and there are many others), its impact may not have been as strong as it could be for some readers.

> What does it mean, even
> symbolically, if Eden is in two places at the same time? Or
> do we assume that Eden is the whole area between the two
> river systems?

Well, it means, on one level, that biblical tales and other ancient myths are CODED stories with multiple contexts. There is no need to limit 'Eden' to one specific locality. Reality is an overlay composite itself, just like the earth has now been shown to produce meaningful geographical overlays. So 'Eden' has multiple levels or 'overlays'. On one level, it is at the headwater region of the Tigris-Euphrates; on a deeper level, it is at the Nile Great Bend region in Nubia/Kush - the two regions that directly overlap in the 'Eden Overlay Configuration'.

> On the actual “design” of the rivers I’m wondering why the
> mouth of the Euphrates/Tigris is the end-latitude marker and
> for the Nile it is the Giza necropolis. It seems to me that
> it makes sense not to use the mouth of the river as part of
> the Time-River’s boundaries as this will certainly move as we
> all know from Underworld.

Speaking of the 'underworld', that 30N latitude of Giza and the mouth is what I considered to be where 'time' enters the 'underworld' represented by the Tigris-Euphrates. The timestresm makes a big jump' from the Nile to the Tigris-Euphrates. And this signifies the resurrection fof Osiris. It's no coincidence that the 'opening of the MOUTH' is a key ritual associated with the Osiran resurrection in ancient Egypt. The 30th parallel is indeed where the MOUTHS of the Nile and the Tigiris-Euphrates OPEN, and it is marked by the 'tomb of Osiris' that is Giza, from which 'Osiris' is resurrected.

>You did mention to another
> poster that the designers had maybe computed for the
> evolution of the river. I have two points on this front:
> 1. Changing the length, rather than it’s meandering, means
> you need to recalibrate the river every time the mouth moves.
> This will mean that important monumental markers on the
> Tigris/Euphrates system will wonder “in time” up and down the
> river.

Yeah, it has moved but the 'message' has an intended audience. So the important thing is the position of the mouth at the time of the revelation of the message (which is now). And other historical positions likely have their own extra messages as well.

> 2. Are our river designers extraterrestrial, or indeed
> divine? The reason this occurs to me is the thought that if
> it were a human design, and these humans were capable of
> predicting the course of the rivers over geological time,
> then one might expect them to anticipate the events which led
> to the downfall of their own civilisation and thus save
> themselves – or not?

Well, you're kind of jumping ahead too much. The question of the nature of the 'designers' is a difficult one and we can't answer it effectively yet. As more is revealed from the Time River design, the answer should be incrementally clarified. (In a good SF novel, I guess the 'designer' would turn out to be ourselves... in the future. :) )

> If one imagines these designers leaving us a message, then
> one would think it would surely be more than just
> appreciating what has come before. One might hope that by the
> time this message had been interpreted it might still have a
> message for us about our future. What’s your take on this?
> Have you deciphered a message?

Well, like hinted in The Nile Decoded, the 'message' IS about the future as well. For instance, it is indiated that a big 'shift' (= 'Osirian resurrection') is scheduled at the end of the 21st century. In my book I actually discuss how this has largely to do with Mars. It is when the timestream of human civilization leaves this planet; there will be a bifurcation of the timeline. So isn't it fitting that after reaching Giza/30N the Nile splits into two main branches (the Rosetta and Damietta)?


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