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Zosimos wrote:
> Note:
> The Shuttle Imaging Radar has found the traces of the Nile's
> old course and the geology that forced it to change direction
> and form the 'Great Bend'. Also, ancient dry river beds have
> been found in the Eastern Sahara, one or more of which might
> have been outlets for the Nile during various Ice Ages.
> Does your book cover any of this?

Yes, more or less. These issues are addressed in the 'Nile Denial' section, wich is also online at:


Here is the pertinent part from it:


Criticism: Since rivers’ paths change with time, they cannot possibly carry coded messages for a long period. Consequently, whatever their layouts may indicate today must be of no significance.

Response: This is seemingly a good point. But it is presumptuous. In view of the level of intelligence required, it’s actually more reasonable to hypothesize that the creators of the Time Rivers were well aware of the inevitable future geological changes. The more coherent the encoded message is today, the more probable it is that the changing river courses do not represent corruption but pre-arranged evolution.


And this also:


Criticism: Since we have no physical or historical evidence suggesting that any of our rivers are artificial, the theory must be considered a baseless speculation.

Response: In terms of geology, it is true that the rivers in question are not considered anomalous (as far as I know). The Time River Theory, however, does not claim anything tangible regarding the process responsible for the rivers’ intricate designs. So the apparent naturalness of the rivers’ geology does not invalidate the theory.How the rivers attained their seemingly intelligent arrangements is still an ‘X factor’ – a mystery. If the Time River Theory was weak, then this missing piece could cast more doubt on its validity. But because the theory is actually very strong without the missing piece, a more reasonable approach would be to put effort into figuring out what the mechanism ‘X’ may be, instead of lazily viewing it as evidence against the theory.


So the bottome line is that I do not dispute the view that the Nile is a 'natural' river affected by nature. And yet the intelligent design is still there. So, it's a mysterious issue that I haven't really figured out yet. It could be that 'nature' itself is 'intelligent' in subtle ways... Kind of reminds us of the concept of reality being a programmed 'Matrix', eh? :)


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