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Dear Gor ow your ark,
This is not debunking, it is a real enquiry as to what you've got hold of..that I don't know.
For you see, I am as you, a discoverer of amazing t5hings about the nile River shape, in that it makes a visual language TEMPLATE. of 2 lions, looking at a lamb/prey on the horizon of Sokar.. the gap between sun and moon.
The Whole hole that everything comes out of into This Prismatic, cubic Space.
But, your analysis is correct, from the outline given.
The Nile DOES make the shapes of a double bird, white and black, and the design of the Chariot of life/fire /sun ais in the middle ..a plan of a waterstone, a balancing Jasper-like diamond shining pyramid filled of water.
AND IT IS ORION, that "father in Heaven" we've been accostomed to..
The maker of bread.. wine,
waters of wisdom.
Rider on the Storm.

Now, If your mind revolts at this , you now know how others may react to YOUR stuff, true though it most likely is.
Plus you've had the perseverence to adhere to your special insight, and put it out there..where the 'truth' is to be found, we are told(.Little Green men and a plate on water..HA! I have one in my backyard.) (see message re Noah's ark, current, where I contend that all mysteries abide in a bottle af god-juice.Really.Kid you I never.

Maybe if I email you a Nile Template picture, you can see if it rhymes with your chord.If so mail me.
Yes the Nile is a fractal..but it may be natural.
These oldies had found a multiple of a tree with 2 or 4 birds in it, IN # DIFFERENT SPHERES of manifest wit, a river they turned into origami to produce a base for fables, and a sign post to the REAL tombs of all the history of human kind: A rock cave wall of natural red and white rock, traced to make the earliest scripts..
And A waterstone Noah's Ark.
So, your'e probably right.

An Archives, in Ethiopia, The ABYSS/ bird's beak..see Prometheus.
Yes, the Nile.. could well be also a time line..I know it IS 2 LIONS..why not a TIME..LION as well? and a WELL? Maybe a mountain of great it's own Navel!

Well, all for now, I think you will be belighted art our product.

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