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Hi all,

After reading Chris Tedder's article about the alignment of Abu Roash, Giza, Zawyet el-Aryan, Abusir and the eastern edge of Saqqara, and then after doing a bit of work on Graham Chase's archeoastro ideas invloving this same alignment, I got to wondering what else this alignment might cross over on the ground. I noticed a few weeks ago that the alignment crosses over the sun temples at Abu Ghurab just northwest of Abusir and also over ancient Memphis, southeast of Saqqara. I noticed a couple of days ago that using the map of the lower delta found on pp 166-167 of the Atlas of Ancient Egypt by Baines and Malek and a ruler, the line also crosses right over Alexandria to the northwest.

Using the coordinates of 29:29N 31:08 for Giza and 31:13N 30:00 for Alexandria gives an azimuth of 321.8 degrees from Giza and a distance of 109 miles. 270 degrees is due west, so 321.8 degrees is 51.8 degrees north of due west, the same as the alignment of all of the sites listed above, and the same as the slope of the GP. These figures may be confirmed by plugging in the coordinates here:


The port of Alexandria where the lighthouse was located is also on this alignment, about four miles NW of the coordinates given for Alexandria, and submerged structures have been found offshore in shallow water along this same line in the vicinity of 115 miles from Giza.

In the NE edge of the Delta, Port Said is 51.8 degrees north of due east from Giza at a distance of about 113 miles. I do not know if submerged structures have been found just offshore from Port Said, but as this bathymetric image shows, the water is also very shallow here and this point was certainly also above sea level before all the ice melted.

The baselength of the GP is 756 feet. This converts to .143 miles:

756 divided by 5,280 (number of feet in a mile) = .143.

The apothem (slant height) of the GP is 611 feet. This converts to .115 miles:

611 divided by 5,280 feet = .115

Given the distances of the base of the Alexander - Port Said - Giza triangle of 143 miles and the side lengths of 115 miles, this triangle has the same angular dimensions and is precisely 1000 times larger than the GP. If the current shorlines are used instead, the delta is just under 1000 times larger than the GP.



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