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Hi there i would like to point soemthing out if I may,
Von Däniken challenged alot of people's theories at the time and upset alot of historians. Challenging their old viewpoint on history, with old historians disagreeing with Von Däniken and dismissing his claims with an arguement that was very similar to yours above.
just because some is a veteran or old, or came first does not make it right. I love Von Däniken and his theories done't get me wrong but to bolster your opinion of Von Däniken by saying that he has been around since 1968 is really no arguement otherwise no new theories or discoveries would be made by newer fresher adventurers in the area. People learn by others work and then add thier own views and theories onto it.
If we try to make a point in this fashion we will become jaded and set in our ways like the old historians who argued against Von Däniken's work by saying that their knowledge came first after alot of work.

But as Ben Kenobi once said 'Truth depend on our point of view'.


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