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I don't want to be a knight in armour to you but I have been doubting myself for a while to convey what I have learned from an elderly friend of mine who is a strong clairvoyance. So I will be brave and tell what happened.
One should know that objects contain a certain spiritual energy. This is used by clairvoyance people as a starting point in adjusting to "sphere's" where this energy relates to. In these sphere's there are things to learn, that is, if one can "hear" it.
When I gave him a copy of heavenly mirrors in hand, without him knowing it's subject and without him reading it, he told me the following:

In the divine plan it was arranged that mankind would evolve from fish and reptile. In it’s present form, mankind roams the earth for 3 million years up till now. In early times there was much more water before continents rose. Many civilisations have come and gone. Among others, the great pyramid was build by people with enormous spiritual power about 10.000 years ago.
These people lived very simple. They used their spiritual powers to compensate the forces of gravity so moving large block’s of stone was no mechanical effort. They were also capable of materialising and de-materialising matter with which they where able to, for instance, position a large sarcophagus inside pyramids. (This answers also the question of how they were able to work the stone so smoothly and made them fit so closely.)

The Pyramid was build as a burial site for their most powerful holy men and not for kings or pharaoh’s.
The holy men where the leaders of people because they where the most strong in a spiritual sense, so guide is a better description than leader. They where buried with nothing else than some food. (The later Pharaoh’s where buried in pyramids and tombs full with earthly stuff like gold and so on that speak of wordly power.)
All aspects of the pyramid speak about the holy man that was buried there. There is a language in the way the stones of the pyramid were placed, how the sarcophagus was positioned, the way the body was mummified, how the mummy was placed in the sarcophagus, etceteras etceteras.
Because of unawareness of this language, even during the most careful excavations, lot’s of information has been broken and gone lost.
Within some hieroglyph’s there is information hidden in a different not yet known language.
Some bits are under discovery now.

Because of mankind’s need for understanding things, slowly the spiritual powers gave way.
They where largely gone by the time of the pharaoh’s. In that time astrology was very strong still, but if the predictions did not suit the pharaoh’s, the astrologists where killed. Earthly powers took control. By the time of early christianity the spiritual powers were even less. The church did the rest. Remnants of spiritual powers where burnt on the stake, leaving us all in limbo. It was very dangerous to live a spiritual life.
Now there is a slow but steady regaining of spiritual powers going on but only very little will be recovered of all of the above, it is to far back, there is to much destroyed.

Now, I am fully aware that using these methodes for gaining information is even fiercer debated, if debated at all, then the type of debate mr. Hancock is in with the establishement.
To me however it is a powerful source and I might even say that I have heared the big picture and I am done with wondering why or who is wright or wrong.


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