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There is also the possibility that 'advanced' technology was not used, just a type of 'technology' that we would not even consider today. We are mentally so far removed from the Egyptians that we seem to consider technology as either primitive or advanced, and are unwilling to consider a technology that is entirely 'other'.
I'm not advocating the mental power, or Brown's Gas or Von Daniken et al theories; I am just saying that a technology that is far from our own frame of reference may have been used.

Diamond drills are a possibility, but according to orthodox Egyptology there was no metal suitable for making the saws with. The hardest metal available was meteoric iron.

According to unorthodox Egyptology there is some evidence that powdered metal technology was available, making the construction of saws suitale for drilling the 'King's Chamber sarcophagus' and general blockwork possible.

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