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With all the "50-pound brains" of intellectuals slamming into eachother and giving eachother concussions in this world,it is amazing that the present day mind-benders left behind by the ancients perplex our modern computer/techno/educated society.

Keeping everything within the realm of reality/reason as we know it, or can fathom it, our collective theories--alone or combined--have taken us... nowhere. Putting out a theory to the the "unexplained past" takes courage because of the fact that it can always be explained away no matter how rational or well-researched; however, we keep looking for the answers to our questions.

I consider myself grounded in reality, but when I'm remided of B-Squared's fundemental brain-teaser's (repeated below), traditional textbook viewpoints of the past don't quite do it. So I echo B-squared's post to the fundemantal phenomena.

1. Lifting blocks weighing many tons.
2. Stone vases which are hollow and have small necks.
3. Stones which are nested together so tightly that a paper can not pass between them.

Kind of like Sherlock Holmes... "whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the answer" etc. Maybe that is a starting point, because what "we" (as in all of us collectively) have produced in our theories of the past that are laced with opinions, feelings, personalizations, and personalities, and I'm sure my views are at least slightly skewed no matter how much I try to filter out emotion (that's the trick isn't it?). For all you Star Trek fans, we all aren't a bunch of green-blooded in-human Vulcans, allthough Graham is pretty close (hopefully you're laughing here). I'll try to get/stay informed and check out the forum as this is my inaugural post.

2ndLt Johnson

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