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I have only recently become interested in the possibility that an advanced civilization existed during the 11th millenium. I have recently completed "The Fingerprints of the Gods". and was surfing asking questions and discovered this website.

There are many unanswered questions which will require more archeological evidence to support the various theories revolving around a "Lost Civilization".

There are some questions which I believe could be investigated by groups such as this message board. Consider the following questions and propose your own theories concerning how the task would be accomplished today and ask your engineering friends how they would build some of these structures if they had a blank check.

1. Lifting blocks weighing many tons.
2. Stone vases which are hollow and have small necks.
3. Stones which are nested together so tightly that a paper can not pass between them.
There are many more I am sure but this is what comes to mind at this time.

Trying to understand these problems can give you a headache but just maybe a positive discussion could lead to a viable solution.
The possible solutions of this group are as viable as any others.

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