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Hi, I'n a newly registered participant, but have been following Graham for years. Thanks for letting me post a serious question. I immediately thought of Graham since this topic involves the mixing of two of Graham's fascinating subjects; i.e. extreme psychedelic images included within the great pyramid.

The Egyptian crime of the century occurred when the hieroglyphics inside the queen's chamber were erased. Photos taken with bright lights revealed fascinating ancient hieroglyphics as recently as 25-30 years ago as shown in this 2014 article ( You can see these images (or at least evidence of these images) in photos taken by other archaeologists if you look carefully. I've seen evidence of these images in several youtube videos, including one this morning, although they are usually poorly lit and unclear. Some videos use the original images from Rense but there are others which show different photos taken years apart. However, it appears the walls were sandblasted in more recent images, and this is the crime. An "academic" would dismiss these unbelievable images in order to simplify and cover up the real story. Anyone who casually dismisses this revelation should answer the questions: If these images were photo-shopped, who did it, why did they do it, can it be proven, where is the source material, who made the freaky original drawing and where can it be found today? These images are totally psychedelic, looking like something from one of Graham's ayahuasca trips. Please respond and let me know you're investigating. I will gladly find other images to build a case if you need me to.



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