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JamesBrennon Wrote:
> I'm trying get caught up to the present here. I'm
> not saying Atlantis. I'm just asking if mainstream
> archeology expects to find the remains of any
> civilization in the water flooded by warming of
> ice.

Well there are several aspects to this.
1. Yes, mainstream archeology accepts there are ruins underwater, due to both regional land subsidence and rise of water levels due to ice melt.
2. However, it is expensive and difficult to locate such ruins because they can be buried under many feet of muck as well as due to the depth of the water. Archeology in general is poorly funded.
3. Define "civilization". Neolithic and post-Neolithic cultures, yes certainly. But "advanced" civilization? Not accepted by mainstream archeology. However, as with Göbekli Tepe, things can change when new sites are discovered. Before Göbekli Tepe mainstream archeology had no clue that any such sophisticated sites were that old.

See: Gulf of Khambhat ruins, Doggerland, Persian Gulf Oasis, submerged cities off the coast of Egypt, Rock Lake and relationship to Aztalan, submergence of Cornwall's Isles of Scilly, submergence of Atlit-Yam, and so on. Generally these are considered to range from Neolithic to Bronze age.

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